Royal Visit: a good omen

(Rabia, Karachi)

There is an excitement these days about the royal sojourn currently going on. A visit that has made every single Pakistani very thrilled. From news to tweets and meme, the royal couple has win the heart of every Pakistani.

Prince William of Britain is already in the hearts of the people of Pakistan because of his mother Diana. Lady Diana, because of her friendly and loving nature, still lives in the heart of the people of Pakistan. Diana visited Pakistan and met with the now Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan who was and still running a charity based Cancer hospital Shaukat Khanum.

Now, the Prince is visiting Pakistan with his beautiful and graceful wife Kate. Prince William has said that Pakistan and Britain share unique bonds. After their arrival here on Monday night, Prince William and Princess Kate started their visits and engagements from Tuesday. Their first destination to visit was a girls’ school in Islamabad, where the Prince and Princess both met with the students. Kate, wife of Prince William, is a big supporter of girls’ education. On a visit to the Model College for Girls, Kate wore a traditional Pakistani dress that became a social media sensation very fast.

Later, the royal couple had meetings with Pakistani leaders, after which they addressed a public gathering. Prince William and Princess Kate also met the Prime Minister Imran Khan at the banquet. The meeting took place in the Prime Minister’s Office.

On Tuesday, Prince William and Princess Kate also attended a charity event, then addressed a gathering. Later on, Prince and Princess visited the Pakistan Monument. The royal couple entrance was super exciting as they were dropped by a beautifully decorated rickshaw. The couple was looking stunning as the Prince was wearing Sherwani by Naushemian and Princess was wearing a dark green Jenny Packham dress.

The Prince and Princess after spending a day in Islamabad, will leave for Bazaria Road, Lahore. In Lahore, the Royal Duo will visit the mosque and fort. Then on Thursday, Prince William and Princess Kate will be in Chitral, where they will meet members of local communities affected by climate change. Prince William and Princess Kate will visit the mosque before departing on the last day of their five-day visit, on Friday. All these engagements days and time are still not confirmed. This is because of the security risks. The ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan regarding Kashmir has made the country sensitive for the Royal visit.

The last British royal couple that visited Pakistan before Prince William and Prince Kate was Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, and his wife, Kamila. They visited Pakistan in 2006. Prince Diana, Prince William’s mother, visited Pakistan in 1996. Her main aim to come to Pakistan was to attend a fundraising event for a cancer hospital built by the former Pakistani cricketer and current Prime Minister Imran Khan. Our best wishes are with the Royal couple who visited Pakistan despite of the current security situation. The warm welcome from the people of Pakistan will definitely make their opinions respectable for the country.

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