Awareness Is Punishment

(Dr. Shakira Nandini, Oporto)

Dr. Shakira Nandini ▲

When blessings were being distributed in the world, it was decided that a punishment would be given with every blessing. And with each deprivation there will be a convenience.

So when the selection phase came, one of the blessings offered by some of the most inexperienced intellectuals in the world received 'Awareness'.

While others considered it appropriate to turn away. Those who turned away are in relief today. They find mental enjoyment in everything they do, while they suffer the punishment of the wise.

Do you know what this punishment is like? A sweet, sweet, constant pain that makes love. Then man does not hold on to one question or one answer, but man goes on knowing it without any hesitation.

But with each step of the process of knowing, a new torture takes place in the human spirit. It is a pain that has no head. Sometimes it has no physical cause. The pain sufferer does not know where the pain started and where is the end of it?

Just this annoyance makes our souls old.

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