Alarming Issue In Karachi

(Muhammad Salahuddin Tufail, KARACHI)

Traffic issue

I am Salahuddin Tufail, 26 years old working professional and today I want to highlight a social issue that every individual of Karachi City is facing. As we know that our city is a metropolitan city with the total population of 14.91M (2017) and increasing with the passage of time but we will not be discussing “Birth control” in this article. The biggest issue according to my understanding is “Traffic”, If you travel in my city, you will get stuck for hours on famous roads and it is not particular to some specific areas but the whole city is disturbed and there are several reasons why we are facing this issue mentioned below.

1. Increase in imported/local vehicles
2. Illiteracy rate
3. Everyone is in a hurry
4. Terrible condition of Roads
5. Not following Traffic rules & regulations
6. Corrupt regulatory bodies

Now these are the main reasons why everyone gets stuck in traffic but it is not only the governments duty to resolve such issues but every individual is accountable some way or another. It is very easy to blame someone who is doing something incorrect but when we get a chance, we do the same or the worst. I have seen people not letting an ambulance/police vehicle to overtake because it may break their vehicles momentum or some other stupid reason or I can say that we are not educated enough to respect others. I have visited few countries and found most of the Taxi drivers from Pakistan who are following the traffic rules of that country but when they visit back home, they may not drive the same way they were in abroad. Most of my biker brothers do not prefer to ride in their defined lanes and our public bus hits the brake wherever they feel comfortable (Main Rd), the idea is not to blame all groups but to create an awareness because such mistakes leads to miserable road accidents. According to a research, 1015 vehicles were effected in Sindh due to road accidents in 2017-18.

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