Forgive and Forget

(Ayesha Rana, Mianwali)

So, do you want to lessen your worries? You want to enjoy life as beautiful as it is? I’m sure you want to cut all the pains of the past. I’m sure you would love to spend the night without any painful thinking. Its solution lies in “forgive and forget”. Yes, it's an approach that can give you ultimate satisfaction; it can give you a successful and contented life ahead. As we all know that life is a mingled yarn of joys and sorrows. Things come and go in life. Sometimes, we get depressed; but every time we learn the lesson. In the situation of crisis, sometimes we become thankless to ALLAH and say “why me?”. It is you because you can handle this; it’s you because you are chosen by ALLAH to prove your strength, to prove your firm belief in ALLAH and destiny; which chases you till the death. What you have to do is just tie this forgive and forget magic with you and let the spell spread. You must be brave enough to forgive the person who has hurt you in any way. After forgiving the accused person just forget what you have gone through and leave it to ALLAH. You’ll feel so light and joyful after doing this. I make you assure that your life will become heaven. But keep in mind you must have a brave and big heart to forgive and capacity to forget all what have done with you and then never remind past and pains from the past. Its never too late, try this magic right now and see the results.

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آپ کی رائے
Beautiful words forgive and forget. Excellent selection of topic even excellent description. well done. keep it up.
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Dec, 24 2019
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