(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Poverty is basic element to born pressure group. The illiteracy establishes old way to learn and earn. Who have opened his eye in this world may feel insecure while their parents provide shelter to him and guide him in proper ways. But this situation is not for all. Few of in each society has been born orphan that it is very miserable condition that they learning and earning in earlier childhood. This golden period is not in hand but will of the Almighty. Mostly, people living in Pakistan is not richer even they belonged to middle class families and thousands of people living near poverty line in Pakistan. They cannot get enough food to take to survive their early nourishment in early age. That is the big cause to creating pressure groups to survive with the help of strong political background. Pressure groups mean several is being living like a team. Their harmful exposure is converting into threat to weak community to e,g possession group they also using their potential for crimes.

People who have not got their basic rights in the prevailing social system that they feel insecure even deprived from their community. Those people who are depriving their fundamental rights and obligations that it would spread chaos in this society. That particular class of people takes revenge from the society. This scenario is creating burning hesitation among these people who have to think that they cannot survival without the help of other. This situation has been changed their mind set to survive in this society. Majority of relationship like uncle or step father or step mother is playing leading role to spoil personal character or they persuaded to nickel down life parameter. Then, the net result is become an issue. Our Islamic diversity is about to die. Unfortunately, we are Muslim; we shall feel ashamed to adopted Islamic values in modern era. Currently, this dilemma is prevailing in Islamic societies is to be very panic.

Lack of job opportunities is far more concerned. Islamic diversity is not adhering in any profession even not saw glimpse. Almost, each Muslim community adhere the western style of learning and earning. This situation is very alarming and strictly voids. People are dividing in class or sect even behind to go the status quo. The word status is new born in Islamic society. Islam does not like any status or class to divide people in different sect or caste system. Where people richer and richer even poor more poor. Whereas class of destination is destroy the entire society. That the particular class of society has been born pressure groups which cannot control by the executive. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the political leadership has been taken advantage from pressure group. The political parties use them in own objectives. The definitely, blame is upon government that is the main agenda to focus to control law and order situation. Unfortunately, the executive do not take interest to change this dilemma in the entire society, which is burning on smaller fire.

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