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The object of the post-mortem is to ascertain the cause of death even the time of death. This report is prepared by the Medical Practitioner on the advice of the court. It is essential to ascertain whether the cause of death is directly interlinked with wound or any cut or damage. Any other corrosion circumstances or body smashed in any un-appropriate manner or electric shock or any other type of injure for the cause of death which is mandatory to ascertain even find which type of weapon had been used to murder. This report is very essential especially for the accused. This report has shown whether accused is guilty or innocent.

There is essential for medical practitioner to have sound knowledge of medico reporting even post-mortem analysis. Similarly, it is ascertain the time of death on body temperature. The body is shirking gradually passing of time. The skin of the body is losing the upper surface i.e. cells too. Even the skin is rough and become harder or to move any angle. That it is depending upon bodies whether is oiling or moisture. These are two factors which is directly effect upon the body to reduce his/her actual shape. The wounded bodies are being spoiling with pace. All precaution measure should be adopted while examine of bodies in the post-mortem Center.

The females who have been died after child birth that their bodies shirking even spoiling with pace before the funeral ceremony. The Medico expert is easily ascertaining the cause of death. Even the child died bodies are spoiling with pace in the graveyard because their enzyme system is not developed in the early childhood. All the post-mortem examination is depending upon two anatomy parts i.e skull and abdomen. There is not mandatory to examine whole body while conducting post-mortem.

The following operation is essential to ascertain the anatomy for cause of death as under below:-
i. Skull: is most powerful bone which is not easily spoiling in the graveyard even not broken. The expert is first to cut the upper surface or toe of the head to ascertain the cause of death. There are many reasons for doing that the expert has been given opinion in his prescription, however, it is part of the post-mortem analysis.
Abdomen: it is a critical part of the body while conducting post-mortem examination. There is real chance to ascertain the correct information about the murder. The age of the victim has known through post mortem analysis.

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