COVID -19 Corona-virus - Precautionary Measures

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


National and International Media is unnecessary spreading fear of Corona Virus (COVID-19) on account of this the people of the world have become so frightened that they may die, not by Corona, but by fear as it has encircled their lives badly. It has become an epidemic terror of the world due to excessive projection in the international media. It is witnessed that more than hundred or thousand people die in the world daily, not by Corona, but on account of multiple causes including accidents, diabetes and heart attacks. The latest data shows that the death on account of Corona is much lower than the death owing to other diseases. It is regretted that the Muslims of the world are being forced not to go to Masjids for offering prayers, although the Holy Quran clearly says: “Take help of Allah from Prayers and Patience”. In an another place of the Holy Quran, Allah says, “The miseries and gloom come to you on account of your deeds, but boom, favor and goodness come to you by blessing of only Allah. It does not mean that the people should not take precautionary measures against prevailing situation (Corona Virus),but the people should not have fear of death as death is the spiritual truth of the Universe - when comes no one can prevent it. The death is the most protective device of the life and will come according to the will of Allah.

People should not fear with Corona Virus and take the following precautionary measures to protect them from prevailing situation:-
§ Not to go to the place where virus is prevailed.
§ Take all necessary protective measures while meeting the people who come from the virus affected areas, if possible they may be screened and undergone medical examination. If possible they may be asked not to come out of the affected areas.
§ Avoid to shake hand and hug with multiple people also avoid to go to crowded and dusty areas. .
§ Wash hands and mouth more than five times a day with standard antiseptic soap.
§ Further, people should try to lead their lives under the instructions of God of the Universe and His Messengers in order to have tranquility, peace and satisfaction.
§ Try to remain neat and clean in terms of body especially by way of spirit i.e. to control their hidden diseases like jealousy, hatred, hostility, malice, backbiting and revenge.
§ Help themselves by way of help to others i.e. to feed others and to give alms on account of “Sadqa, Khairat and Zakat”.
Foody Measures:
§ Eat when they hunger – avoid overeating - must eat yogurt and all seasonal fruits as well as take milk.
§ Make part of food to Garlic, Onion, Ginger and Lemon on daily basis also eat bitter vegetable.
§ Before going to bed, take tea (without sugar and milk) mixed with Clove, Cardamoms, Cinnamon and Honey.
§ All eating must be burned especially junk food on account of this proper exercise must be done on daily basis. .
§ People may take other precautionary measures according to their eating habits.
In the nutshell, people should be careful not fearful. Allah may protect all human beings. Aameen

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