Coronavirus Vaccine Soon!

(Prof Waqar Hussain, Lahore)

Coronavirus has besieged the entire globe, all humans are on tenterhooks and the sword of Damocles is hanging over their heads; cloud of paranoia is hovering all around, blocking all sunshine of hope, thus generating darkness of dismay, dread, disaster, etc. In this situation Humans are left with Hobson's choice to keep coronavirus at bay by social alienation and frequent hand wash. Xenophobia has become the best viable strategy. But for how long, the social creature can survive in this milieu? The only pragmatic solution of this pestilence is the advent of awaiting vaccine.

At present 35 different companies are making vaccine and four have claimed that they have made it. The only one, USA researcher, has given first experimental shot. Scientists of Kaiser Permanent Washington Research Institute in Seattle advertised that they had made vaccine and needed 45 volunteers for trial. Only two persons turned in, the first daring one was 43-year-old Jennifer Heller from Seattle, mother of two daughters, got first shot on Monday, with remark: "It is an amazing opportunity for me to do something for humanity". Second volunteer Neil Browning, 46-year-old engineer of Microsoft network got shot. US Researcher are searching for 18 to 55-year old people to conduct experiment on all age groups. All eyes are now focused on US researcher with hope, curiosity and anxiety.

Another company Cure Vac of Germany are very close to making vaccine. British, Chinese are also working day and night and getting close to morphology and physiology of the coronavirus to come up with its counter cover to bruise the heel of Achilles. Russian Scientists of Vektor State Virology and Biotechnology Centre of Novosibirsk have developed vaccine prototypes and started tests on animals in a laboratory in Siberia, on Monday. Scientists expect it will be available in September, 2020 or so.

So, Vaccine is about to come in market, after due human trial. It may take few months but silver linings are in the offing. There is no need to get frightened, just adopt Wuhan Model at a pinch. Chinese followed strict social distancing along with given 24000 mg of vitamin C intravenously in a week to boost immune system and used traditional Chinese medicine of "Brown Soup"containing 20 herbs and it worked wonder as 65000 patient recovered, new cases started declining. Almost all china employed was a food therapy, now a day, called as nutraceutical with its famous slogan: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

New cases dropped to single digit and then to zero in last three days and 90% factories are opened. The life has become almost normal in China and Halcyon days are back. We should follow her suit, without going into panic as there is formula in medicine: “Two and two are not four, it is twenty-two.” plus read two idioms; “cat has nine lives” and “care killed a cat”. So, there is no room for corona phobia!


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