Don't Pay The Price Of Being Nice

(Yusra Siddiqui, Sukkur,sindh)

Have you been naughty or nice with someone or with everyone?

well.! then you must be enjoying the rewards of being a nice person. these rewards often include depression, sadness, anxiety, worthlessness, low awareness of one's own need, self-hate, and being the victim of "mean people"

these are the heavy rewards for being nice. and energy it took to control such a vital force, these all rewards can easily damage our mental health.

remember that In life, you will always have a choice. if you know that helping or being nice with someone will cause you more aggravation then you need to know that you can say no!

there will always be people who take advantage of you. unfortunately, if you know who these people are? it may be time to let go of them. These types of peoples and more toxic than poison and leaving them is perfectly ok. because they may use you for their own gain.

I'm trying to get out that being nice has its price. so stop being nice with everyone, not everyone deserves your best.

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