Four Men one Story

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Once upon time there was a king lived in Orlando. His name was Oslo. He was very intelligent and brave. His Prime Minister was also wise man. The king was very generosity and caring about his people who lived in his kingdom. His kingdom was very wide and it had a strong army. There were four men lived in his palace who was belonged into different professions. Mr. Admn was a tailor and Mr. George was a Painter. As similar others named were Mr. Johnson a goldsmith and Mr. Ibrahim was a pious man and his habit to prayer. The king was ordered that all men (i.e. four) to perform their duties in four parts of the night. There were not changed their duties except night. And one night Mr. George who was a painter were thought a sketch and he collected soil with moisture to made a women portrait. When his time near to end he made a nice sketch of women idle. And when Mr. Tailor came to the room of painter he saw a women sketch. He thought that something was missing. He sewing different clothes for the women and wearing to her. After his time near to end he said that the sketch of lady was looking very nice.

Mr. Johnson who was a goldsmith when saw this sketch admire that sketch that moment some new thought brought into his mind why slight change her gesture of this portrait. He was wearing gold’s ornaments to her. Now that portrait was looking so marvelous. This portrait gesture was a bridal. While his time near to end Mr. Ibrahim who was pious man, came into his room and that moment last part of the night. He saw a beautiful lady was seating at the corner of the room but he saw no sign of life in his body. He thought that why not prayer for that lady. That time prayer was blessing by the Almighty God. Mr. Ibrahim was prayer as deeper as he could to almighty God to given life to this portrait. Almighty God was accepted his prayer and given life to her portrait. When this new of miracle was spreads in the Kingdom that each one weird and astonished. Mr. George who had made this portrait have had a right to merry her, this dispute bring into King Palace for sort out for any solution.

The King had ordered to present the four men into his majesty who were participated in decoration of portrait. The king said that it was a nature of four men to have had done it. But no right off to claim to merry her because that miracle brought through pious man and his prayer was blessing by the Almighty, but it didn’t mean that he have had right to merry. Who had followed the rule of nature becomes entitled to merry her because life relied upon dignity of the humanity. Mr. Admn saw nude portrait and sewing clothes for that lady even wearing to her. He was deserved for merry her that the King’s ordered.

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آپ کی رائے
Lot of grammatical mistakes.
Somebody should have checked for correction before publishing.
By: Tariq Ansari, Rawalpindi on Jul, 24 2020
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