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(Nadeem Israr, Karachi)

This time of pandemic corona, two things are the main goals to achieve for everyone. One is to stay at home and second is to stay fit. First, staying at home doesn’t look a pretty easy task it requires a great conviction to adopt the social distancing and the harder thing than to it, is staying fit. Usually people, in the cost of staying at home are busy to nourish their taste buds, which is causing to put on more weights and suffering to them with shaping disorders in their physique and countenances. Here is a solution of these problems for them who are physique-conscious people i.e. jogging at one place. In this situation like nowadays, it is of far much importance and can be cater the needs of keeping the body in shapes even staying in the boundary of homes. Some important features about the running at one place are mentioned below:

Health benefits of the running at one place:
The running at one place is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that not only warms the body but also burns the calories. It is experimented that a man of 150 pounds burns 272 calories in 30 minutes of running at one place. As details, if one keeps running at one place for one month he can easily burn 7,000 calories which will result in easily losing two pounds of fat and here noticeable thing is that, this all great surmounting will be done without any dietary plan or other complementary exercises. Along with the shedding the pounds and maintaining your waistline, running at one place yields the tremendous health benefits likes, improving aerobic fitness, reducing risks of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems ect., and it also helps you build muscles, including your quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. Running at one place is treated yielding equivalent benefits to jumping jacks and jumping rope stated by University of Connecticut Health Center.

Convenient to work out at anywhere:
As it is stated above, this exercise doesn’t require any specific place or time to work out. If weather is not allowing to one to go outside for jogging due to horrible summer or blood-freezing winter, no matter. One can easily chase his plan of exercise while staying at home and the running at one place will be equivalent to running which is conducted outside. This peculiarity of this exercise doesn’t let the doer refrain from his exercising routine and consequently no upheaval in shapes comes out and belly fat won’t be ugly in appearance.

How to do running at one place:
Just stand keeping your legs shoulder-width apart, face forwarding with opening chest. Now, pull your knee upward and land it slowly. Try to lift your leg in such way that your thighs are parallel with the ground. Repeat this practice until one set of fifteen minutes gets completed. Please note that, like other exercises on starting this exercise, get the body warmed up in order to increase your heart rate and cool down when you finish it. Stretch your thigh, hamstrings, hip and calf muscles. Along with this exercise, you can add some other complementary exercises like planks and pushups etc.

Important note:
The running at one place doesn’t get you suffered into the arthritis. In case, if you already have arthritis problem and you have bone contract and have no cartilage in your knees, then this running may make it worsened. Also remember that this exercise are full of benefits, but up to 4.5 hours of running in a week is enough for a person’s health and if someone tries to exceed the span more than said hours, it may cause for injuries like stressed fracture too.

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