shortening of drugs dispensing due to Covid-19

(Aisha Asif, )

Pharmacies may limit how much medication can be dispensed to try prevent shortages.

Recognizing that most active ingredients for drugs come from which countries, people should be to stopped from refilling prescriptions early and to ensure life-saving drugs don't run short when supply chains are vulnerable.

A worrysome condition may arise that people will start stockpiling drugs after watching what has been unfolding in the U.S. and other regions as the virus spreads
Pharmacists are concerned about drugs such as life-saving inhalers that people might stockpile based on misinformation circulating about potential treatments for COVID-19.

"Coronavirus outbreak is a big wake-up call for us to pay attention to our drug shortages that exist already and to pay attention to where our drugs come from"

As a precaution, the federal government has enacted sweeping legislation that gives it the right to force patented drugmakers to make more medicine if necessary and remove patents as part of the response to the public health emergency.

A recent study based on canadian pharmacies practice, where 2000 ongoing drug shortage is notice. None of which attributes to covid-19.

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