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Why she is getting good grades? Why everybody likes him?
Why he has offers from highly reputable companies and sectors but why not me? Why? Why? And why? Sometimes these “WH” questions make us sick. Everybody learnt these questions making in early standard of our academics and teachers usually make presentations where we have to ask all these questions .In order to gain numbers. But haven’t any of you thought that time what happen if you are going to ask the same questions to yourself one day. Now are you going to able to answer these questions? So time for reality check we are generation of digitalized world with fear of globalization but actually practicing it without any worry. which is fluctuating our self-esteem in mere seconds.
In simple words self-esteem is concept by you about can be negative or positive but the one who cultivated this is in your personality is YOU .it’s all about how much value you are giving to yourself .how much worthy you think you are .
Basically this entire prodigy is feeling by which we perceive ourselves. It is comprise of beliefs, behavior, thoughts, emotions or respect to yourself.

Low Self Esteem High Self Esteem:
For living a satisfactory life you should possess stable self-esteem. Every individual has different kind of ability in which their uniqueness lies. People who have positive reviews about themselves tend to be more successful academically. Low self-esteem encourage you to take bad decision make bad choices which eventually destructive to your personality.
In an individual both self-esteem can be found. For instance you have positive self-esteem because you are writing all correct answers in English paper and passed the test .but at the same time you have low self-esteem because you cannot speak English in crowd or maybe you are not able to deliver presentation. That’s how your both self-esteems worked together.

According to Abraham Maslow’s:
Self-esteem is extremely important for person to grow as an individual in his life. People needs both types of self-esteems from others which brings them motivation to update themselves and encouragement towards failures.

According to identity theory:
Our personality consist of different concepts and idea about oneself and our self-esteem is responsible for our upcoming decisions in our life. High self-stem brought positivity and learning while low self-esteem makes you fall in long term depression or pessimism about yourself.

Another theory suggests:
Self-esteem is interchangeable in nature. You can touch high to highest and low to lowest based on your current life events. For example if someone dies in your family or in opposite you topped in your school. Your self-esteem can be vulnerable or strong in times.

Development of self-esteem:
• Self-comparison:
It can destroy your inner you .stop going in those gathering where you are accustomed to answer about your grades or your efficiency in academics.
• Work on yourself:
Don’t ever stop working on yourself know your weakness and overcome them.
• Embrace your failures :
You should accept your failures. And learn from them.
• Self-worth:
Respect yourself. Your good opinion about yourself will be responsible in many aspects of your life.
• Compete yourself:
Set goals for yourself and thrive to achieve those goals.
• Non-judgmental behavior:
Stop being judgmental to others .it will eventually shows that you lack empathy which is weak point of your personality.
• Stay positive:
You should have positive exposures towards your bad times as well as your goods. Old saying in winters hope for summers but in summers prepare for winters.
• Self-actualization:
It is as much as important as self-esteem for the personality growth .you should know your best point .question yourself, explore yourself.
• Be focused:
If you have motive in life just work for it .don‘t care about others feedback which are mostly negative. Should affect your mindset.
• Elimination of self-centered & discouraging friends:
Cut off yourself from people who always trying to discourage you in any way or spread negativity.

This is the main component of negative self-esteem or positive self-esteem .it works in both ways, its work depends on how you dealt it. This little yet powerful concept is that much capable of changing individual’s point of view on his/her perspectives on life.

It is essential for you to accept your weakness, you have to flexible about your deficiency. In contrast if you become rigid towards you weaknesses you cannot enhance your abilities. Eventually you start to pressurize yourself and make yourself tired.

it’s not bad if you are not having A+ in all subjects ,people got rejected numerous of times .just accept yourself and find your strong points and start working on that. Some students are good in Math some in English but both have different ability to work. You cannot compare your good points to someone’s bad.

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