Save the environment, save the planet:

(Abdullah Latif, )

Since childhood we’ve been hearing about how environmental change is affecting our planet and yet no-one puts mere concentration on it until it really puts us under a massive quandary, Climate change is happening, and the cause of it is mostly by human activities, and it poses a vital threat to the mankind, and the environment. There are plenty of issues humanity is exposed to because of their lack of focus on sustainability and more attention towards capitalism. Problem is, climate change is happening in a very subtle manner. Everyone is perfectly fine because it’s not much of a problem right now, lack of awareness is why we won’t take it seriously, but it can be devastating for us in the long run, our environment is constantly changing, so we need to have a know-how about the basic issues and find ways to control them. With a huge rush of natural mishaps, warming and cooling phases, various types of weather changes and so on, we need to educate ourselves to be able to tackle these problems in an efficient manner.

Recent environmental complications have made us unshielded to misfortunes and setbacks, now and in the future. Unless we look out a way to cater to these many issues wisely and providently, we are sentenced to tragedy. The world requires quick and serious consideration.

Some of the major current environmental issues include:
Global warming: It’s certainly a result of discharge of greenhouse gases which is caused by human activities of that of industry work, Global warming leads to the increasing temperatures of the oceans and earth’s exterior resulting in defrosting of polar ice caps, leap in the sea level and other fabricated ways pf precipitation like flash floods, imprudent snow and desertification.

Overpopulation: The overall residents tend to increase which in response leads to scarcity of resources like water, food, and fuel. Rigorous agriculture in the need to produce more food for more people puts the environment in jeopardy because of consumption of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. It’s one of the crucial environmental problems.
Deforestation: It goes interdependent with overpopulation; the call of a rising population causes rise in the level of deforestation. According to the present-day statistics, the planet is apparently losing 80,000 acres of tropical forest every day which corresponds with loses of natural environmental for wildlife, placing them at the risk of extinction, for which many of the animal species have already come to an end.

Genetic Modification of Crops: This is yet another example of how human practices are a threat to the environment, as the issues born with synthetic chemicals are becoming clearer, there is some speculation that crops which are genetically transformed may leak chemical compounds into the soil from their roots, which can pose side effects for the groups of micro-organisms, and it may increase some crops’ production in the short term but in the longer run that land goes vain.

Other than that, melting of the Arctic ocean in summers reduces the reflection of sunlight, disintegration of Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet results in the rise in sea level which is disastrous for low lying countries such as Bangladesh etc., these are only a few of that problems discussed, there are a various number of issues we need to take under attention along with these, like water shortage, pollution, disposal of waste, acid rain etc. So much we do not know about!

They are all causing hazardous impact without us realizing, there is depletion of resources, elimination of species, we’re losing land, we’re losing food, we’re losing water, we’re losing the planet.

All this is happening because of our very ignorance towards socialism, and using the resources for our personal benefits, short term profits, all the human activities are being done beyond any consideration over environmental ethics, regardless of the consequences. The purpose of this blog is to create awareness about how climate change is actually an issue and to not take the world for granted, how can we do that? How can we make the world a better, healthier place to live in?

One of the very first things one can do is to educate oneself and others, the importance of educating others about the climate change cannot be overstated in our society, in this world of globalization and connectivity, one can use many platforms of social media to spread the message, we can also get in the habit of recycling, it is eco-friendly and causes reduction in the waste production without fearing any emission of greenhouse gases in the environment. Make sure you collect your discarded paper, plastic or anything to your local recycling center, the professionals will put it to a better use, within all these little things towards a sustainable lifestyle, we can help create an impact for the betterment of the environment, and ourselves, from working against global warming to not throwing wrappers on the streets, from huge to little things, everything adds up and matters when you have the right intention for it, believe not much is lost and we can do a lot the save the future, save the planet.

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