A dystopian and apocalyptic situation the world witnessing

(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

The word dystopia is the antonym of the word utopia which was first used by Thomas More in his novel in 1516. The word utopia means an imagined place where everything is perfect. Keeping the above definition of utopia, the dystopia needs no explanation as most of the world is experiencing it as well. For everything we do there are certain standard operating procedures (SOPS) and in the wars as well the soldiers fighting have to follow these SOPS like being thoroughly armed and well planned. Without following the SOPS could result in dire repercussions and deadly consequences. It's totally against military norms and rules to dispatch troops without training, ammunitions and proper orders. In the current times, the world is at war but this time the enemy is totally invisible and deadly. The soldiers are the doctors, paramedics, and other medical staff fighting in the front lines. Don't they need their armour in the form of "Personal Protective Equipments" (PPES). It goes without saying that without being equipped with PPE kits it's as if soldiers fighting without ammunitions and proper cover. The shocking thing is to see the doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff protesting holding placards on the streets of New York city that if they aren't provided the PPES, then they are themselves are the potential carriers of covid-19 virus. Amazingly it's all happening in the greener pastures for the third world, what can be said about the third world where health system is mostly in shambles. Instead of going into details of the origin the Coronavirus, the world needs to focus on the looming threats before it's too late.

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