The writing on the wall.

(Muhammad Saleem Baloch, Karachi)

At the start of this year everything was normal. World was moving as usual, people were planning their marriages, birthdays, parties and so on. Then, the news of a virus came from China. Rest of the world just heaved a sigh of relief that it was China, miles and miles away from them. So, life went on at its on pace as for the rest of the world it was just an everyday piece of news. Then through media the world watched the deteriorated and catastrophic effects of this virus. Yet, people just assumed it was just going on in a far away continent and far away country, so, no worries. Then the word epidemic emerged and along with that some more people affected by the same virus appeared in the scene. The number of patients multiplied rapidly and so fear and anxiety in the people. As we know our planet earth is divided into two blocks: Developed and underdeveloped. Developed part of the world enjoys all sorts of health, wealth and military might. While the underdeveloped countries lack these things and always dream of being the part of these Developed countries for ideal lifestyles. When the developed part heard of this calamity, they didn't panic as they assumed that they have the state of the art technology and there was nothing to worry about. The invisible foe started hitting not only people's health but economies of the so called developed countries. Yet few bragged and boasted about their supermacy but they didn't see the writing on the wall. With their supermacy and mighty military power, the so called super powers are powerless and helpless. An invisible virus is showing them to their true position and also giving them a silent message : " Ventilators are more important than sophisticated ammunitions."

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