How to Overcome Anger

(Ain UL Noor Javed, Islamabad)

There are ways to get rid of your active or passive anger permimently
*Psychological treatment.
Yes you can make it into your practice.
1.Identify the triggers of your anger( what make you active in anger)
2. Evaluate the triggers( see those triggers are logical or not)
3. Search out the possible solutions( if triggers are illogical , knock your grandiosity and argue are you so silly to over react on illogical like lay man does.??? And if if if they are logical, try to keep distance from such conditions and try to understand that's the rule of the universe)
4.Enlist the solution
5.Create dramatical conditions where you can pour those triggers and try to act normal to enhance your control over you.
6. If it gets successful, keep trying.
If some triggers or solutions are not well illustrated, go back to triggers and renew the solutions accordingly.

2. Physical fitness
Deep breathing
Morning walk
Take shower

3. Biological
Take at least 12 glass of water per day
Don't your the clod drinks
4. Spiritual
Meditation as I mentioned above.
Recitation of auzo billah
Make a dua to over come your anger
Listen and read the ahadees where ghussa or anger is mentioned haraam.
Prove a good Muslim your self.

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