Ultimate Youth of Pakistan

(Anum Khalid, Multan)

A long run fight of youth is their career,they are treating their careers as they are for eternal more likely they know the next second,some are dying,some are attempting suicide and some don’t even know what comes before of their unplanned actions just because they were’t counselled well.They were treat as the marionette,stuffed by the convictions what their parents,siblings and the near ones decided for them.Firstly,they were desired to be born,then desired what to become. Consequently, what is coming in nation? Nothing except a fearful nation. Every youngster is running away from their innate personalities and roaming around as humbugs,giving multiple excuses,arguing on lame,engaging themselves on social media for possibly no reason and creating unfulfilled relationships with strangers.As a result,major ratio of youth started off feeling sensitive about themselves and shedding tears for behaviours,for which they haven’t been trained again what they are feeling that literally a giant question mark to all the parents,teachers and the counsellers.One of the rationalities is lack of communication among all since the day,the kid went to school.Parents blaming teachers and vice versa.Secondly,our system of education lack counsellers and psychologists who play a key role in bringing up of one individual.Moreover teachers ain’t trained in that way they could communicate with counsellors and pyschologists.Eventually, our pathetic educational system and the course books even being studied today don’t get upgraded with the passage of time and technology era and are the same books that read by our ancestors which is the ultimate cause leading towards youth that lacks in every aspect.All these deprivations brought up the horrendous youth with no aims and visions and zero sense of intrinsic charateristics.Let me elaborate precisely.I am extremely embarrassed to share my school time as my school lacked and still lacks in all the reasons I discussed above adding on “Discrimination among students.”When I was in school,I wasn’t an upright student but truly a devoted one with no actual sense to understand things instead I was forced to accept them as “Facts” I always thought what are these facts and why they are named as facts even. My mind was always stuffed with unanswerable questions because of our school’s system which forced the student to cram instead of taking things conceptually and then call them facts by themselves.Where some students attained the rectitude and some fell apart being stood among 30th or 40th in the class of 50 or more than that strength.Luckily, I used to stand among top 10 which really made me feel awkward and the rituals of our school system were to treat toppers as gods and all the teachers worship them up ( I feel though). Their notes and literally every single of it was different made and suggested by the teachers while others were all the time mocked by the teachers, they were treated entirely different in every way. Teachers always looked them upon. I went through this since the whole schooling not knowing what actually the school meant to be and left school happily with memories of best friends without any learning of real education even it’s about sports and other activity as there were no healthy competitions held in our known school for cram-kids and bookworms. I felt all these deprivations when I was admitted to college where I came across with a variety of students and I left on my own to tackle their behaviours and personality. It was all mixed gathering,what a sumptuous learning tenure.Some were adroits,naughty,indecents and some were skilled in their vocations.I gnarly treated them well as I was scared of competing any of them.This is how I spent my college till not knowing which subject was matter to me and I brought into building and architectural engineering for I must say no reason and I still looking and fighting for my factual interest.What a bizzare life! Since I have joined university I m exploring every individual confronting intangible issues where I came to know about “A Dreadful Youth”. Youth of 21st century is a disappointment for the ancestors as they don’t have the ability to know their choices and the accurate use of amenities with what they are bestowed.Upon having them, they are still complaining about with what they wouldn’t have been blessed to their number of unnecessary friends in real life and social media friends who think the same and mutually discussing toxicity in choices,relationships and acceptance in these. The youth is gnarly depressed and bitterly confused about their decisions,can’t visualize the austerities,unable to acknowledge the difference of right and wrong and then call it freedom of their unknowing souls,repressed,unfocused on facts about themselves,go with trendings with no meaning,don’t know how to value the responsibility in every way especially when it comes to people, country and nation.They are being guided by rich and ineligible bloggers and vloggers who are having the pertinent lifestyle and they are following them on social media happily,giving them a life of sluggish horse who can’t even run by their own fashion and energy.They are bringing up with themselves only faith i.e’’Technology.’’that made their lives as downhearted as it could be.Besides all, where this youth lacks,is affection and love.They ain’t venerating relationships of every kind either its between parents,sibilings,relatives,especially when it comes to deal less privilege or with those people who are teaching them.They are keep stuffing them with materialism and being taught what is the significance of one’s career without depriviation doesn’t matter they are being taught by teachers or parents as both are on the same idealogy of materialism.From knowing the flaws of youth elders shouldn’t come up with the complaint of real values of one’s nation as the genuine lesson has long been forgotten Sorrowfully,this youth has been murdered by the forced decisions so everyday this youth comes up with biazzre behaviours and surreal acceptance of life. So as,evils of every kind and youngesters are as common as we are the corona virus and keep on burgeoning day by day.

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