Recommendations to tackle COVID-19


Writter :Malik Umar usman advocate

First and foremost, STAY AWAY FROM NEWS CHANNELS AND SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS. They are full of negativity.
• Stay home and avoid physical, close contact with people.

• If you need to go out, take strict precautionary measures like mask and gloves. Do not shake-hand with others. Maintain 5-6 Ft distance.

• If you have any symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, shivering, vomit, body ache, diarrhoea etc, immediately isolate yourself and consult a doctor. Avoid visiting the hospital. Consulation on phone is preferred.

• Get a PULSE OXIMETER to monitor your oxygen level. If oxygen level is below standard, you will need to consult the doctor.
Note: Standard oxygen level is 95-100% on pulse oximeter.

• Only get yoursef tested for? COVID if doctor recommends.

• Improve your diet. Eat healthy food to boost your immunity. Take vitamin tablets(consult your doctor in this regard). Take desi chicken, mutton, ????? except daal masoor. Fresh juice. Fruits are highly recommended (Aalo bukhara, khubani, white anar, mango). Dry fruits.

• Keep yourself hydrated. ORS is preferred in this regard. STRICTLY avoid cold water.

• Many people are recommending (Sana Makki kehwa). Only take half cup of sana makki kehwa a day as it causes diarrhoea leading to dehydration. Only take it if it suits you. Adrak wala kehwa 1 cup a day is highly recommended for people having fever. Do add kalwanji in it.

• Majority of the infected people are recovering within 10-14 days. So no need to worry if you have a patient around. You just need to ensure proper, healthy food intake and medication.

• Keep children and other family members away from the infected ones.

• You need to disinfect the room and washroom or the place where the infected person is isolated. Disinfectant can easily be made at home. You can get a 4 litre bottle of chlorine from any chemical shop for 600 Rs and dettol from a grocery store. Add 1 litre chlorine and 100 ml dettol in 10 litre water. Shower it in the room and washroom every 6-8 Hrs. Avoid its contact with skin.
No need to buy expensive disinfectants.

• Get separate disposable plates, glass and spoons for the infected patients. Place a large size shopping bag in their room and ask them to dispose the plates etc off in the shopping bag.

• Regularly check the temperature and oxygen level of the infected ones every 3-4 Hrs.

• Recite durood shareef and listen to tilawat of Surah Rehman. Seek forgiveness from Allah all mighty and forgive others around you. Turn to Allah before you return to ALLAH. Do alot of Sadqa. Life is very unpredictable.

Early morning, I had a word with a doctor who is dealing Corona patients nowadays, this is what he said:

“ Beta! Lockdown k doran kisi ny b ehtiyat nahi ki aur log abi tk nahi kr rhy jis k nuqsanat ab samnay aa rhy hain. Corona has reached every nook and corner of the country due to careless attitude of the public. Ab almost har kisi ko es mai se ho k guzarna hai. Medication tou hai koi nahi so you only need to observe precautions and boost your immunity. Thats it. Esk elawa koi elaj nahi hai eska. Majority log tandrust ho rhay hain and fatality rate is just 2%”. So, we must now be ready to face the repercussions of our careless attitude towards pandemic.

• No need to PANIC. These symptoms are very common nowadays. Possibility hai k corona ho. Possibility hai na ho. In both the situations, panicking would further complicate things. So have trust in Allah, pray and seek forgiveness. Har mushkil k baad asani hai.
Allah kareem sb par reham karay.

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