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As the entire country is going through the toughest time-having the bulk of ominous thoughts. There is a sphere of humans which is really working hard for the sake of humanity is our medical staff. Number of doctors of all ages with other paramedical staff has already deceased while escorting the infected ones from this insane COVID-19.

Honestly, are we making any efforts for them? Yes ofcourse-we are also busy in conveying them the titles akin Heroes,Fighters,soldiers and etc. But at this point something genuinely demands a moment to think about these men/women. Solely, we have lamented their actual draconian situations or how many hurdles are they tackling at the stake of mankind.

In descriptive manner, every health worker is hailing massive deterioration e.g. psychological catastrophes, dismal situation of the number of infected people, escalating rate of fatalities, confessing 'sorry' everyday to the hundreds of already chronically broken families, having lack of PPEs, tolerating disruption in salaries schedule, long and grim distances from own families and more including the downtrodden of government.

We have to rememorise that DOCTORS ARE HUMANS TOO! They are also scared of their breaths, they too want to take care of themselves, they can also have mental breakdowns but denying from all these facts they are keeping on their medical obligations and still perform their duty with delegation.

Abroad, all the infected countries appreciating their medical staffs just by not words but with the active organization too. They are managing psychiatry departments and other helping departments in every hospital because these doctors can also need mental relief and further medical procedures. Fortunately, Pakistan government has also launched a national campaign 'We Care' which aims to 'providing suitable and enough PPEs and creation of better psychological environment of care and support' towards the medical staffs.
Specially, above mentioned all the efforts of Pakistan government are really appreciating but this is not enough encouragement. Federal government and provincial authorities must take a step forward by organising the psychiatric departments in every district hospital.So, the professional can help the health workers in their special and difficult tasks.

Moreover, As per individual and good citizen it's also our duty that one should evoke helping environment and healthy motivated discussion to every member of staff including loads of smiles. A smile can heal every wound of your heart and brain too. If one know any paramedical member just go to them and appraise them, give them a hug, grant them with a little help no matters in their professional or personal fields. It might can be relaxing for themselves.

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