Success story of Naseeb Ullah, a young entrepreneur

(Junaid Ali Malik, Karachi)

Naseeb Ullah

Turning into a wealthy person appears to be an unprecedented objective, however tragically, it's just a fantasy for the greater a part of us. The thing is, an enormous number didn't begin accordingly. Some had financial and instructive interest that leads them towards successful businessmen.

One of the success story is that of the man who after six years of struggle has become a very prosperous businessman of istan. I am talking about Naseeb Ullah , who was born on July 3, 1999, and later moved to Karachi.

Naseeb is running NT media page which is a web-based program in which he uploads many kinds of video recordings like short stories video, food-related video, fashion related video, and pranks videos. Individuals can purchase these videos with a permit. It is a major stage for guests or visitors as this page has 1 million plus traffic on daily bases. People can buy their desired videos from this page and use it on any other platform. Following are some of questions that I asked and their answers made me proud of him that he really is a young success from a province which is marred by political mismanagement.

How did you get into business? How long did it take you to stabilize your business?

He said that I became part of the family business at a very young age when I was in the eighth grade, and after matriculation, I became a part of the family business properly.

It took me four years to consolidate my business, and I learned a lot during my 4 years of experience, I did countless experiments on my business, I failed to get the desired result and I failed There was a lot to learn from. And then I always succeed after learning from failure.

Who Made You About Digital Marketing? And how did you start working on it?

He said that I have heard of digital marketing from a lot of people and I also knew to some extent that digital marketing is a great way to make money. So I created a Facebook account and started observing different things and then over time, I learned a lot about social media. I also saw a lot of tutorials on YouTube or different other websites.

As you said, you have great experience in the business of digital marketing. So does what you have learned from personal experience benefit other people?

Yes, I have opened a coaching center in my area where I teach people for free. From what I have learned from my experience, I guide them in every way and I tell them easy ways to succeed and make quick money from social media platforms, and those who can't come to my coaching center Yes, I arrange online classes for them. I try to teach as many people as possible. Because I can understand, due to lockdown, many people have no jobs and I want to help people.
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