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“AMBROISE PARÉ (c. 1510 – 20 December 1590) was a French barber surgeon who served in that role for kings Henry II, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III. He is considered one of the fathers of surgery and modern forensic pathology and a pioneer in surgical techniques and battlefield medicine, especially in the treatment of wounds. He was also an anatomist and invented several surgical instruments. He was also part of the Parisian Barber Surgeon guild”. He was died 20th December, 1590 in age of 80.
Locard (1877 to 1966) were worked on the forensic field to introduce new techniques for the scientific research. However, he wrote many articles for his new techniques. As far as concerned, his method is very useful for many years.


The main object of the Forensic Science is ascertained the criminal. The object of the forensic science is to identify the criminal in litigation. No innocent is punishing wrongly. A benefit of doubt goes to the accused until prove. All criminal litigation has been taken with iron hand. No chance of escape from punishment either wrongly punished. The forensic science is new dilemma in medical jurisprudence. The medical jurisprudence is more strength ever before. Each day this science is growing. This is a way-out to find criminals. There is reducing chance to escape the principal accused. All the precaution measure should be taken before the chemical analysis. All the finger print method or collection of simple is very sensitive work. International Community of Forensic is to find way to catch the criminals. It is the duty of the court to see the evidence before punish any accused. In the modern era, this science is very helpful to identify the criminals.

Toxicology is ballistics science. Forensic science is using in all civil & criminal litigation. The knowledge of toxicology is essential for the forensic expert. The forensic expert is using different chemicals examine while seeking exact criminal who have involved in the crime scene. That it is a comprehensive research require in each case for forensic laboratory. Forensic report is strong evidence to prove the case against prosecution. Each type of wound would observe during the examination of body. This test prepared by Forensic expert and signed. Thus, the series of wounds may be mentioned on forensic report by expert then brief to the court while call him to assist. It is mentioned here that this report tells us how murder was victim and in which weapon use for his murder. This report is part of the court file even authentic evidence for sentence for the accused.

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