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(Hafsa Muhammad Hanif, Karachi)

Pakistan is at 13th position with a continuous increase in Corona Virus cases. But who cares??? We should visit all the public places, markets, parks, restaurants and each and every place where we desire because we are resistant to the virus or it’s just a propaganda.

Covid-19 is not a joke that’s what we all need to understand. It’s a bitter reality that we should all accept. Whole world is under the disaster of this minute virus but still in Pakistan who cares???

In our developing country where we have limited resources and the government couldn’t impose lookdown or curfew through out the country it’s our responsibility to behave like responsible citizens and help ourselves and others to get out of this situation.

It is our responsibility to maintain social distancing, to wear masks and to look after our health. We should follow all the SOPs provided by our government. But once again who cares???

Corona virus is just like a normal flu Virus and 80% of population don’t even face major symptoms , the 18% of population faces severe symptoms but still recovers. The major concern is about the 2% of population. These mostly are the immunocompromised patients or the old age group who usually fail to fight against the virus and loss their lives. But it’s not always mandatory, a healthy individual can also face severe symptoms and possibly could die.

If you are young that doesn’t mean you can’t get infected or have severe symptoms. You should be concerned about the adults present in your surroundings. They could be your parents, grandparents or any of your loved ones. If they get infected then you would be responsible for their illness.

On extreme pressure by the people upon government during the holy month of Ramzan, they were forced to withdraw the so called lockdown and open markets and some other public places. But the people were strictly ordered to follow the SOPs to protect themselves and others but who cares??? Mass population was present in markets ignoring the rule of social distancing and without masks, also no hygienic practices were followed. Also there were different functions held during Eid that gathered many individuals at a small place and so there were more chances of spread. The outcome of this behavior was that after a few days a mass of population was infected.
It’s an eye opening situation for us to look around us and observe the scenario. Thousands of people around us are exposed on daily basis to this deadly virus but the public is not concerned about their health and for the health of their loved ones.

Being a Microbiologist it is my appeal to all my countryman and the people around world to kindly follow the guidelines and precautionary measures provided by the healthcare workers because they won’t facilitate them but are for your safety. You should take care of yourself and your beloved ones because life is a gift from God and once if lost then only you can regret.

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