Covid-19, smart lockdown and pakistan

(Abdul Samad, Karachi)

People following SOP's and maintaining social distancing in smart lockdown.

Firstly, if we look at the name of virus we come to know that its name is derived from its shape and appearance. It has Crown shaped body structure and appeared in 2019 that's why its name is COVID-19(Corona Virus).

The First Case of Covid-19 confirmed on 31st of December 2019 in China's famous city Wuhan. Due to Corona Virus's outbreak in Wuhan and Beijing (China) imposed curfew out there and in few weeks China became Covid free. But the question arises here that is it possible for all the Countries of the World to impose curfew like China? The answer will definitely be "No," because greater number of countries are developing and does not have strong economy. If we take the example of economically strong countries like America, Britain and Russia, their economy has also suffered a lot from curfew. On the other hand we have examples of developing countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh which can not bear little loss in economy. As a citizen of Pakistan I have looked at the whole scenario of this Covid-19 Pandemic so deeply.

The first case of Corona virus in Pakistan was confirmed to have reached Pakistan on 26th of February 2020, in Metropolitan city(Karachi). By 18th of March the cases were reported in all four Provinces and Islamabad Capital Territory(ICT).

In the last of March 2020 Provincial governments had imposed lockdown. As a result many labours, factory workers and daily wagers had lost their bread and butter. After looking at the conditions of USA, Russia, Britain and India, Government of Pakistan realized that imposing a curfew or strict lockdown has positive impact but it will prove harmful for small business owners and labours.

So, they decided to reopen the country on 09th of May 2020, Pakistan government had re-opened the country with SOP's. As a result number of cases of Covid-19 increased rapidly. After few days Smart lockdown was offered and imposed in the country. Those areas which were hotspots for spreading virus were considered as Red Zone and movement out there is restricted till now, and as a result condition is getting better day by day. The Supreme Court of Pakistan gave handsome remarks on lockdown that " The Small business owners instead of dying from Corona virus will end up dying from hunger."

By leaving all the World if we look at our Neighbour country( India) we come to know that they had imposed curfew in the whole country but cases did not come under control in any way. Instead Millions of people were suffering from hunger and thousands of people were left unemployed and lost the way of finding of bread and butter for their families.
So, it is important to look at smart lockdown strategy of our Prime Minister which has done a great job to some extent because number of cases per day have been decreased by two to three thousand and as a goodness daily wagers, labours and workers have been able to earn meal for their families. Looking at the world's policies it is clear that by and by every country is looking for smart lockdown. As a conclusion I am satisfied with smart lockdown because our country has not much resources to help people feeding their families without working.

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