Role of E-learning during Covid-19 outbreak.

(Zahereen Hasan, Karachi)

As we all know during to the Covid-19 outbreak the world has changed as well as changing instantly. It has affected many essential works of the world. The things affected due to the Covid-19 are economics, sociality, routines, lifestyles, education, traditions and rituals.

The education is widely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. The education is one of the most important part of life. It can cause development or destruction in the nation. According to some circumstances the education should never be stop or braked. But due to the Covid-19 many of the schools, colleges, institutions, universities or any other educational treasuries are closed which has stopped the learning process in the world to keep continue the education during this outbreak. The government took steps that is, the changing of mode of learning from physical education to the virtual online education. The virtual education or E-learning were still practiced by the developed countries. Even before the Corona outbreak E-learning was believed as unreliable platform of learning which helps many scholars, scientists, lecturers to show up their materials to the rest of the world without being present there physically. Some of the advantages of E-learning are:
1) Those peoples which lives in the villages or small towns are not able to study due to the absence of educational campuses in their areas. The E-learning helps them to educate them without any heavy resources.
2) E-learning gives the freedom to student to learn according to their own pace or speed.
3) E-learning gives a freedom to the student to learn off topics or subjects as well.
As the E-learning as some advantages it also have many bad aspects like:
1) It ruins the discipline, habit, and routine of the students.
2) It is very difficult to learn scientific subjects in such mode of learning.
3) During the period of pandemic due to this modern mode of learning students are facing many problems like connectivity issues, misunderstanding and many other which causes bad reactions from the students.
4) During the period of Corona it can be the best way of learning but adopting such a way of learning on a permanent basis cannot be a good decision to take because it has bad impacts on the social life of the students it will cut the students of from different types of extra curriculum activities.

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