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(lareb Aslam, sukkur)

Education is a prevalent elixir to all creeping riots in any country. It has been said that if you want to destroy any nation, destroy its education system. By knowing this statement, we can understand the value of education. When we talk about education mainly there are two spheres, one is quality education second one is poor education. Poor education lies in developing world. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of them. Contrary to it, quality education can be found in the developed world.

The quality of education in Pakistan is pretty inadequate. According to Dawn (2019) 16.2 percent students, those with bachelor degrees in Pakistan are unemployed. It’s a huge percentage of youngsters who are unemployed that is quite unenviable, a lot of youngsters have got their education from different universities and while having degrees they are unable to get job. Are we just producing cramming stuff without developing any sort of skills in our generation in the name of education?. One would shudder to think, whether it is government’s inept or the ambiguity of our education system.

According to latest budget report Government has allocated 4.2 percent budget for education sector, meanwhile if we see other countrie’s budgets for education, we have one of the lowest budget. Our rudderless policy structure for education needs a candid reform. It is necessary to alleviate the budget for education rather than spending more on protocol.
The biggest problem in our education system is our ill-equipped syllabus. Authentic syllabus is pre-requisite for easing our upcoming generations in truthful manner, because we have become too hypocrite to talk about our own flaws. we just learn to criticize others that is what our education system made us. we have been taught to hate India, we have been told that Indian army has killed our 4,5 etc soldiers at line of control why they don’t tell us that our army has also retaliated we just learn to hate others especially Indians. We have been taught from primary to secondary level that we have fought three wars with India, and also they proudly tell us from three wars, we have won one war. They don’t teach us about solving any issue in a peaceful manner.

If an enemy has to be identified, why pick on India alone? Why not Soviet Union, which has always been hostile to Pakistan, sided with India on all international issues involving Pakistan, and also played a crucial part in breaking up Pakistan in 1971 by entering into a mutual defense treaty with India just before the crisis. Why not Afghanistan, which alone among the states of the world voted against Pakistan’s entry into the United Nations in 1947 why not the United States, which holded up all military supplies when Pakistan was fighting for its survival and has always treated Pakistan as a vessel? Why not Egypt, which in the 1971 war sent military supplies to India? If India is an enemy country why does Pakistani Government encourages and allows Pakistani sports team and troopes and also artists to tour India? Seeing all this, the students are bound to grown up with a love-hate sentiments for India, with the contempt for their elders who claim one thing and do another thing from the little age they learn to be hypocrite.

Dilapidated situation of most of the schools in most of the areas of Pakistan especially in interior Sindh and Baluchistan are self-ascribed the predicament of their educational environment. Where the students get their primary education under the waning roof even there is not clean water available for them. After facing all that hindrances to their way of getting education, they are compelled to bunk their classes and to engage theirselves into illegal activities which will not only destroy their present but also the future, this destruction will not only limited to them it will surely be a perdition for Pakistan. Patently there should be a clean environment which might bolstere students for study.

From the minister of education to the supervisor in the text book board, no one realizes that innocent mind of a child is an empty vessel. The child is made to fall in love with books. Love is inspired by beauty, whether the object is a woman or a painting or a flower or a book. If the first book in the child’s life is made up of off-white sheets stapled together with the sharp ends of the pins that scratch his fingers or glued so badly that after reading the binding disintegrates. He is going to hate books all his life. The quality of text books must be improved and it should be well-bound. He might become a book lover for the rest of his life.

From recent years student suicide rate has been increased. There are rambling reasons behind it. Firstly our education system is exam-oriented most of the students get pressurized from society, family, and their classmates to get highest marks. I feel very asshamed that we have been taught that how to get highest marks, why they don’t teach us about how to become a responsible and honest citizen.unfortunately there is a huge gap between teachers and students. The trend of counseling while teaching is being vanished in our teaching staff. There is a need of well-trained staff who can shift students from cramming theoretical framework to develop practical based skills.

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