Secretariat Instruction-II (Last part)

(shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

The role of Federal Public Service Commission is also defined in the secretariat instruction’s. Any appointment for the post of (BPS-16) and above is recruitment by the Federal Public Service Commission. The department has bound to follow advice of the Federal Public Service Commission. There is no provision in rule of business to reject recommendation of FPSC which is given to the institutions. It is pertinent to mentioned here that if FPSC proposal reject by the department then it must be given resonance reply .

Now, that book is succinctly explicit the structure of the government functions. Government institutions are working like a chain. The role of the establishment is very important. In my opinion, the establishment division is a sole (executive) authority to issue any office memorandum. This authority is supreme in administrative as well as make service policy for civil servant. It is the duty of establishment division to circulating correspondence to the ministries and division. On the other hand, Finance Division is a sole financial authority to approved or reject any summary of the budget concerned.

It is proper page numbering of each file even flag’s or label too; it is pinpoint each category is much be mentioned particular file name or write upon flapper (label) on urgency or immediately word. The file disposal is a proper procedure i.e each file when completed may dispose off after 3 years even dispatch to the Record Room. All the treaty, agreement and chart of the signed note of the governments may send to National Archive of Pakistan.

Sequence wise a draft has been prepared by Section Officer of the unit even file move to the Deputy Secretary for necessary approval. If any sensitive matter, may send to the head of the department for prior approval is solicited. This work is also dividing according to grade wise. However, employees who have been working in BPS-01 to BPS-15, the Deputy Secretary of unit have enough for counter signed or approval of the note portion. Above BPS-16 to onward the Joint Secretary (Admn) is sole authority to approve or reject any issue which relevant to service matter.

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