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As you know that every rule is important even adhere as per law is essential. However, we like or dislike these rules as per our understanding. Government is not formed without help of people. So we can say that we need workers for functioning of government. Yes, so true, now, it is responsibility to the government to impose some restriction upon their workers even some criteria which circulate to them and adherence in official capacity as well as individual. The government Servant discipline and Conduct Rule 1964 is very old law but it is essential to follow all the civil servant.

That’s mean it shall impose all civil servant Servants including provincials employers and employees too. The object of this act is very clear to be patriotic to the government. The Section-2 is very important, in my opinion; all sections are circulating around it. The word Government mean denote to institutions. The words express mean prior permission before broadcast TV or Radio program by the civil servant. It should take implied permission from respective institutions. The authority have right to reject or exempt anyone of this act. The criteria aforementioned Act even those sections 17, 18, 20 and 21 are being exempted or rejected anyone depending upon the authority. The following instructions should adhere by the government servant as under below:

01. No government servant is allowed to express against the government in Radio program.
02. No government servant is allowed to express against the policy of the government in TV show or program.
03. No government servant is allowed to pass derogatory remarks against creed or propaganda.
04. No government servant shall allow joining neither political affiliation nor support in express way or field work for the politician.
05. No government servant is allowed to express such remarks which are embarrassing for the government or state.
06. No government servant expresses such statement against the Army or any government institutions which is embarrassing for the state or federation in any circumstances whatsoever.
07. No government shall appear in Social media platform to critics the government.
08. No government shall express against the dignity of Judiciary or contempt of court.
09. No government officials or officers to gives opposite remarks against the government policies.
10. No government servant is allowed to critics’ ideology of Pakistan or ask question of security of Pakistan.
11. No government servant critics upon any such agreement which is make or made between two states.
12. No government servant is allowed to demonstration against the government.
13. No government servant gives any letter or document to unauthorized person or press agents.

Which Government employees are exempt from government restrictions (1964 Rules)?

Sub title: Radio broadcast or television programmes and Communications to the press

As per section 21 paragraph-03 (Discipline and Conduct Rule, 1964) as re-write under below:-

“Provided further that no such sanction shall be required if such broadcast or television programme or such contribution or letter is of a purely literary, artistic or scientific character.”

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