According to science, tickling children is harmful to them.

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According to science, tickling children is harmful to them

We've all had tickling in childhood and when we were little tickling was used for fun and to make us happy so we think it's normal to tickle children but if we consider So in our childhood it was a normal thing not to wear a car seat belt.

In this article, we are covering a pediatrician's tickling investigation that will tell us that tickling does not make children happy.

No. 1 Tickling a baby doesn't mean he's happy

Tickling Baby

Children laugh when they are tickled, even if they do not like the tickling, and their laughter deceives the parents into believing that the child is happy, but this is not necessarily the case, say psychologists. While laughing while tickling does not create the same feeling of happiness that is created by listening to a joke, experts say that tickling laughter is an illusion and that in fact the person being tickled may be in pain from the tickling.

Tickling is the number 2 way to dominate and persuade

tickling as an Olympic sport

Young children are unable to express their feelings about tickling, and if we put a little emphasis on our memory, we will remember that in childhood, classmates in the school classroom and other siblings at home also have to be persuaded. They used to resort to tickling.

Psychologists say that laughing while tickling is also a way of throwing down arms and showing obedience, which the tickler understands very well.

Tickling No. 3 has been used as a form of violence for centuries

In many parts of the world, including China and Japan, tickling has been used as a form of violence against state dignitaries because it leaves no visible marks on the body and those who are tickled look normal immediately after the tickling is over. Starts.

Psychologists say that tickling is a form of physical violence that causes severe psychological stress on a person's brain, during which he may feel nauseous, vomit and lose control of his consciousness.

No. 4 Tickling can stop a baby from breathing

The child's uncontrollable laughter during tickling affects his respiratory system and if the tickling is continued, it becomes difficult for the child to breathe after the air is released from the lungs in case of severe laughter and such a situation. I can hold his breath and this situation can be a big problem.

We should try to make the child happy so that he is happy on the inside and for him to play with him for a while and become a child with him where it really gives him happiness, this happiness has good effects on his health. Compiles

Tickle number 5 creates distrust in the child's mind

Doctors say that tickling causes severe pain in the child's mind and brain and it is very possible that this mental pain affects his youth and old age.

Pediatricians say that if an adult scolds a child, the child develops fear of the adult, and similarly, if a family member or parent tickles the child severely, the child's brain Fear arises about such people and he tries to stay away from such people and this fear that comes to his mind affects his mental development and he loses his trust in the tickling adults.

Number 6 There are many better ways to express love to children than to tickle them

Mother, Daughter, Family, Park, Child, Love, Nature

Parents generally think that they understand their children better, which is somewhat true, but parents also generally consider tickling to be a normal thing according to their childhood experiences and if any If the other tickles the child, they do not stop him.

Expressing love for children is a natural process and there are many good ways to do this in addition to tickling that you can get into the hearts of children, experts say that if you want to tickle children, ask the child first. He doesn't mind being tickled, and even if he does, keep the tickling within a certain range and don't take it to extreme levels.

Do you agree with these tickling experts? Did you like tickling as a child? Please let us know what you think.

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