Pakistan on board the plane of innovation

(Soma Akbar, Karachi)

NASA'S Mars Perseverance Rover

It is a serene evening and the sun is about to be set.You are standing in your balcony holding a mug of tea. Meanwhile cherishing the scenario you raise your gaze up to the sky unintentionally and catch view of a rocket soaring towards its destination and leaving ephemeral smoke behind as a trace.This is something you witness every other day. So that's why it didn't stagger or amaze you.Here I would like to re-welcome in the era of innovation.
"In the past", Pakistan unfortunately didn't get vouchsafed to focus on science which is in this century the primary source behind the thrive of any nation .The reasons can be so many if someone perch and start to rummage in the history.
But today Pakistan is not surviving by keeping its whole focus on the mistakes commited in the past.I am about to give a sheerly unbiased opinion about the current context of Pakistan regarding science and technology.
Former governments didn't deem science as a way to better future of Pakistan or delierately didn't prioritize it in their manifestos and the outcome is in front of all of us .
The government of today,almost a year ago selected Fawad Chaudhry as a minister of science and technology and at that time many of the Pakistanis got to learn for the first time that there is actually a ministry present in government's cabinet regarding science and technology.

The news that Corona has scattered its affect all over the world ain't new for any of us. After the Coronavirus vaccine ,the second and third most demanded things are masks and ventilators. Many countries are focusing on making vaccine and those two essentials simultaneously and Pakistan is one of them. This is a glimmering opportunity for Pakistan to showcase its abilities and potential related to innovation .Fawad Chaudhry's strive for renaissancing the lost calibre of Pakistan are really appreciable. Pakistan is now preparing masks and ventilators in its own laboratories which get approved from DRAP(Drug regulatory authority of Pakistan)after getting formed. Being one of the supplier countries of the masks and ventilators , Pakistan has recently exported both to the "United States of America".
51 years back ,astronaut Neil Armstrong being part of NASA's "Apollo 11" program became a pioneer by being the first person ever to set feet on the soil of the moon.America paused it's space operations ten years back due to some reasons but now after the decade it has resumed them by cooperating with a private space transportation company called "SpaceX", whose owner "Elon Musk" is one of the most renowned personalities of the world. America launched two of it's veteran astronauts "Bob Behnken" and " Doug Hurley" to the ISS (international space station)via SpaceX's falcon 9 space shuttle.This is not an end to this fable of NASA's current exploration of extraterrestrial world . NASA is not reflecting on grasping a moment for sighing . It is visible that it's vision further intends to unravel more the" yet much shuddered "atmosphere of the Red Planet (Mars) for which it has sent a rover "Perseverance" named by a young space enthusiast "Alex Mather" there for excavating out more tidings.
If space is the matter of discussion on the table right now then let's ponder over what Pakistan has done so far for sending any satellite to the space . SUPARCO (Pakistan space and upper atmosphere research commission) which was set up in 1961 sent a communication satellite to the space after 50 years of it's formation with the assistance of "China Aerospace and technology corporation" and now is ambitious to send its own astronaut into space by 2022.
We know that Pakistan's current pace towards meeting the current standards of innovation is quite sluggish but we onlookers ought to be optimistic and try to put our own efficacy as well to stimulate this expedition to the fort of success.

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