Razi,A great scientist

(Aneela Kiran Khan, Islamabad Capital territory)

In the golden era of Islam,that was a time of inventions and discoveries for the Muslims .The cheif Minister of Abbasid Caliph Al_Muktafi requested a man to take the responsibility of constructing a new hospital in Baghdad .The story of this Man's selecting a new site of hospital was quite strange and remarkable.He had placed the pieces of fresh meat in various areas of Baghdad .After few days ,he selected the place where he found the least rotten pieces of meat ,stating that the air was cleaner and healthier there.

This incredibly genious man was Abu_Bakar_Muhammad_Bin_Zakaria_Razi .He was born in Al_Rayy a town near present day Tehran,Iran in the year 865AD,251Hijri .In Europe ,he is known as (Rhazes/Rasis). Initially,he was a free lance man interested in music .Razi is believed to have devoted his early life to the study of music and philosophy.At the age of thirty,he was attracted to the chemistry of changing metals into the gold .There was a furnace at his home where experiments were conducted on different metals and herbs .once ,while blowing the furnace he become a victim of a tear gass .

He was a polymath , philosopher, physician and al_ chemist.He learned a great knowledge of medicine .Razi was the first Physician who emphasized on dietry treatment.If it didn't heal he would recommend the patient with unique medicines and if that didn't help than he used compound medicines .He was a great supporter of treatment with diet and I personally appreciate it a lot because I think that nature has suggested the cure of every disease in some diet and the biggest example is honey .
Razi is the honourable author of the medicine encyclopedia "Al_Hawi".He wrote 200 books mostly on medicine ,he also wrote on logic, astronomy and grammer.
Razi was the first to produce acids writing up limited extensive notes on diseases like small pox and chicken pox .His monograph on small pox and measles is still considered a medical classic .Razi is also credited with the discovery of Sulphuric acid ( H2,SO4) and Ethonol(C2H5OH).

He was appointed as the director of the Rayy, hospital .He had a crowd of medicine learners around him in his life .
The list of his scientific achievements is too long .By briefly introducing a little bit of his life I meant to praise and appreciate one of our real life time hero and ideal.We need to study the great achievements of our great ancestors and must adopt the way of hard work .We must follow the path along which our great ancestors led the whole world .But Sadly ,there is a lack of scientific spirit and experimental taste in our educational system .

We must calculate the reasons behind the failure of our educational institutions which are merely producing clerks .
By spreading a little bit awareness , I urge to have passion to fulfill the duty that we are imposed by the Almighty in the sacred words of "IQRA"(the first afflatus ) .
We have to wake up a strong passion inside ourselves to see what led to the educational and scientific advancement of Muslims in the Middle East.The source of that spirit was the QURA'N's commands to research and investigate within the universe which encouraged Muslims to investigate the Phenomenon happening around the universe.

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