(Wasif Hussain, Karachi)

A Covid’19 is affecting Economy ,Infrastructure, Buisness,
Employment, Freelancing and education sector negatively but it
is affecting one area positively and that is “Environment”. For
now, people are enjoying the nature in the form of beautiful
weather. Winters lasted for more time in this year due to less
air pollution ,least use of transportation and lockdown of
number of industries have reduced the Consumption of CO2
,CO and NO2. China and India are the Notorious criminals in
case of environment degradation ,but now situation has been
changed dramatically .we should look at the Present scenario.
Consumption of non –renewable energy resources have
transformed the world and this consumption has driven up
global temperature by just over 10C since the mid-1050s . And
This could rise by 4-8C by the end of this century , if CO2 levels
are not rapaidly reduced.Thoroughly speaking , we can say that
corona virus has given a fresh breath to nature infact , humans
as well as animals has realized that the atmosphere around
them is getting better by reducing the movement of private
vechiles and industries. Not only essential but aquate living
beings have felt the change and Effectivenesss. Every coin has
two sides one is positive and another is negative Covid’19 has
taught the world that nothing is constant . Be always ready for
new things and humary should do good for Environment by
playing their role.In short COVID’19 is blessing in deguise for
environment and its lovers.

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