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Karachi is the heart of Pakistan’s economy. However, the current spells of monsoon have significantly devastated the infrastructure of “The city of lights.” The main cause of the flooding is blockage of the poorly developed drainage system of the city with discarded plastic bags. The replacement of plastic bags with a suitable substitute is urgently needed to avoid the destruction caused by heavy rains in the future.

Research has demonstrated the use of d2w® plastics (oxo-biodegradable plastics) are not offering a solution to this problem. Microplastics and nano-plastics are the main end products of degradation of the d2w® plastics. They persist in the environment for more than decades and are causing huge damages to the drainage system, flora and fauna of the earth. Studies have shown the use of nanocomposites, which are obtained by the blending of biodegradable polymers with clay fibers, are a good alternative of the plastic bags. These nanocomposites offer good thermal, mechanical, barrier and biodegradation properties.

The replacement of plastics bags with nanocomposites may be an effective way to reduce the miseries of people of Karachi in the long run.

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