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(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Today, we discuss you-tube channel policy. As you knew it, each institutions have its own policy to grow their business. The object of policy to protect employees of respective institutions. Even impose some restriction upon them not to violate policy. Hence, it is need to understand policy. The policy mean set of guidelines or rules which is adhere in a department or institutions. If someone violates these policy or guidelines then institutions may be given struck or impose some penalties upon him or her.
When your channel is review there are following policies or guidelines observed by you-tube team.
I. Main theme of topic (Content)
II. Newest video
III. Thumbnail including (Title and Description)
IV. Most views in a video
V. Watch Time (most of a video’s)
These are the above five elements have been observed by the you-tube team while your channel is under review for monetization. On the other hand, which types of contents we cannot upload on you-tube channel. The following contents as are under :-
§ Sexual Content including (written material)
§ Shows war in a video's
§ Murders in a video’s (including Animals)
§ Other video’s (Assault, intimidation, threat, and inspiring to using illegal ways)
§ Religious extremism for any creeds or propaganda for any community.
§ Copy Right
§ Steal the Music
The aforementioned factors are being prohibited to upload in a video for you tube channel. If you violates community guidelines then your channel does not considered for review for monetization. Moreover, your channel has been suspended any time. A question generally ask me how we identify these policy on you-tube? It is very simple to identify and find it on your channel. You have seen $ mark on the lift side of Dashboard. You have find easily you-tube policies and communities guild lines.

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