Consequences Of Rainfall

(Areej Ahmed Sheikh, )

The pleasant and prosperous atmosphere of rainfall bring a smile on everyone’s face. Moreover, there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages of rainfall exist in an area depending upon its infrastructure, development and wilderness.

The rapid ripening crops, modification in atmosphere i.e. the atmosphere becomes pleasant immediately. These are the certain positive impacts of rainfall which is an enjoyment for elders and youngers too. Rainfall is beneficial for ruler areas.

If we talk about the recent rainfall in Karachi, then we can equivocally say that no positive outcomes relieved the city. Only the difficulties caused by it had put the city in trouble. Immense rainfall devastated the residing people, destroyed the yielding crops and roof of village home is leaking unremittingly. In urban areas, the collected water of rainfall stays for long over road and streets that causes pollution and complication in residing people’s path. More importantly, there is power cut-down in developed areas for more than a day. Poverty can’t suffer the rainfall as their whole houses get filled with water.

In some areas, there are floods caused by over flooding water. It has been estimated that the negative impacts are more than that of positive ones. Therefore, the question comes to rise is where are the management systems? Those roads which have been ruined from rainfall, and the people who are suffering from the difficulties, those homes which have been broken and sinked from flooding water, where do they go? What do with themselves? What do they do to subdue all the lost?

Government should help the suffering people, government should provide them their needy accessories as well as should lend them loans. Because not the city, the residers had to face so many troubles too.


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