(Arisha Atif Siddiqui, Karachi)

Fear, a small word with a big meaning. Or I would say we are living in an era full of challenges and competitions which is the main cause of fear, fear of losing job, fear of failures, fear of facing the world and a lot more to list.

Moving forward, fear of failure is nothing but just a pressure of society and it grows when our parents urges us by comparing others with a higher percentage or a higher job positions or maybe a fear or losing jobs because they might be the only bread winners in their houses and couldn’t afford to lose one whether if they like their jobs or not or whatever the work pressures they go through whereas, they plays a vital role for not letting them to face the world which is leading an anxious generation of the time who worries more about their belongings then their own self which causes self consciousness.

Well what if I drag more this by saying that media here plays very important role and has influence in virtually every aspect of our lives but media these days do influence but they also don’t show the reality, they only show the fantasies and the fantasies that are very difficult to obtain in this fast tracked world however it has a positive side too such as speedy, free communication, also made the world seem small by exploring it on social sites, awareness, social skills and much more.

Sticking to the topic by saying that whatever the circumstances of fears are we should not let them control us, sometimes suspicious thoughts may arise within you but we should always know that fears can be controlled when we understands and embraces it, by educating our self that we are greater than our fear and only by having a positive attitude.
I’ll end it by quoting my favorite quote which always helps me to overcome my fear;

“The Brave Man Is Not He Who Does Not Feel Afraid, but He Conquers That Fear.” - NELSON MANDELA.

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