(Bajeer Amjad Ali, Karachi)

Pakistan has come a long way in 72 years of the nationhood keeping in view the dauting challenges it face at its birth, it has by any stretch of imagination, performed decently on almost all fronts. However the country still falls in the category of developing and address plethora of issues to be listed among developed countries.

Pakistan started as poor nation with more than 80% of its population living blow the line. Per capita income at the time of independence was $100. Literacy rate was below 10% and nascent state was cash and resource strapped. On top of that, it was immediately hit with a historical wave of migration which displaced more than 16 million people. The nation has also weathered numerous political storms, experienced a tragic dismemberment-secession of East Pakistan underwent four spells of military rule, bore the burnt of natural disasters but still gallantly fought the hydra of terrorism and extremism. The successive governments, both military and civilian have made numerous attempts to transform the society and the fate of the masses. Various steps have been taken to develop social, economic and political institutions so as to meticulously work the details of statecraft. The country has undergone multiple booms and busts cycle as bouts of high annual economic growth were followed by periods of severe economic depression. It has tried earnestly to eradicate poverty, improve infrastructure, literacy and health indicators. It has made efforts to empower media, judiciary and parliament. But there is still a long way to go achieve the objectives and to live up to the ideals of its founding fathers.

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