German shepherd breed

(Eman Fatima, Karachi)

German shepherd

German shepherd is one of the finest dog, originated from Germany .The strong masculine body ,tall height ,stand erect ear. They are large and powerful with ethantic quality of learning and strong will power.
In Europe about 4.6% people have that kind of trait dog .German shepherd have also goes by the name “Alastin ”.

Will power and Intelligent :-
The dog with high energy,full of devotion,intelligent ,courageous ,agile and spirited,capable of doing alot of task and devote his life for the loved ones.
They also made their name in service and military like rescue mission ,caught dealer etc .Their extreme loyalty make best choice for any agenda .

Actually they are reserved but after training they are affectionate with the family and happiest with the kids . He is very playful dog .
Well ,they accept people quiet fleetingly and attached with them as a friendly ,playful friend .

He quiet learn fast and command task very well that’s why it service is excellent and consider as a “National hero” .
He doesn’t like to sit free otherwise he becomes aggressive and frustrated ,some physical and mental exercise are important and wants full attention towards him .
Crumble biscuits good for their training .

Food :-
Don’t like to eat high amount of fat content food ,simple food is his diet like biscuits,some yogurt ,cooked vegetables.

So remember to adopt !as ,they are “strong, intelligent and loyal” .They are acceptable and freindly in nature as their character bringup today world famous .

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