Mental Health

(Duaa Hanif, Karachi)

in today's modern and busy world everyone is just talking about physical health. In routine, we just talk about our physical health. We do exercise for fitness, eat healthy food fr clear skin, for smartness and many things. But just take one minute of your busy life and think in your daily routine what you do for your mental health. For your inner peace. Tell me how much time do you spend on curing or looking for your mental health?

Our whole life is based on our mental health. How we think, how we feel, how we look another person or thing how we judge others it's based on our mental health.

A mental patient is just those who have any mental disorder it is much more for example if I talk about some recent events in Pakistan like recent cases of rape. Do you think rapist is perfectly ok? Do you think he has no problem regarding mental health? No, he is not he is a mental patient because mentally perfect man doesn’t hurt anyone.

According to WHO 1 child out of 5 is effected from a mental disorder.

According to the national institute of mental health in the U.S estimated about 4.5% of an adult diagnosed with the physicological condition.

Due to mental health, many people die because of suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death according to WHO. Again suicide is also related to mental health.

the problem regarding mental health:

people do not accept anyone has a mental disorder or he or she is suffering from a mental disorder.

feeling shame:
people feel too much shame by telling he/she have mental disturbance or mental disorder.

mental problems occur due to many reasons. If you wanna treat mental disorder than treat that issue for example if a person suffers from depression than treat depression reason which occurs due to many reasons like loss of someone, fail in career goals and many other reasons.

Please take a mental health issue seriously. If you see anyone who is suffering from mental health than counsel him/her. Take him/her to the hospital. But don’t take this issue lightly because by taking this issue lightly we loss many artists, singers, doctors and many others.

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