The survival of humans without poverty makes no sense at all, contradictorily; the species would die due to hunger. Peace is nothing but depended upon reduction of it; otherwise it creates multiple adverse issues. Crimes have been seen with the higher rates because of its crisis. There are multiple ways out to come up with great solutions which could help the society out reducing poverty. Policy makers and government must make a serious strategy and stabilize the economy. World organizations have been played their vital role to decrease the rate of poverty. It is also linked with economic condition of state. For instance, if economic is stable of a state; it is meant that the chances of poverty are very low in that state. The story of Pakistan completely represents an opposite scenario. The economy would have been faced multiple crisis and still facing.

As we all know the United Nations came into existence in 1945 intending to achieve international cooperation in solving humanitarian concerns, maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations, providing better living standards and basic human rights, and so forth. Numerous projects and programs have been introduced and initiated for the betterment of humanity through this organization. One of the universal accepted developmental programs, that elaborate different goals, has been introduced with the purpose of a breakthrough agreement called AGENDA 2030.

It was the 25th of September 2015 when the UN General Assembly set up a collection of 17 goals, commonly known as The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as called Global Goals. The goals are defined as interdependent, broad, and cover social issues and making them work is every individual’s responsibility. Additionally, scholars also view sustainable development as the social movement - a group of individuals with an ideology who try together to achieve certain goals. This article mainly focuses on SDG 1 which means to end poverty in all its forms everywhere in the world by the year 2030.

Discrimination has been seen as a habitual that marks an opposite line on poverty. For instance, ethnicity discrimination somehow is killing people due to hunger and could commonly been seen in the areas of Balochistan. Lacking financial resources, economic inequality, unemployment, other related factors annotate poverty. SDGs targets for this goal include a world where the poor have equal rights to economic resources and sustainable jobs. It mainly aims to eradicate extreme poverty by the year 2030.
Brookings published an article ‘rethinking global poverty reduction in 2019’ that showed the lowest prevalence rate of extreme poverty recorded less than 8% in the world. India, Africa, and China, notably have succeeded to reduce the poverty rate fastly. Additionally, Pakistan has made incredible progress to eradicate poverty from 38.8% to 24%. It may not be possible to eradicate poverty by 2030 for North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. Due to extreme political adverse concerns, economical issues, war, and education problems draw a massive negative line in improving poverty. According to World Bank data, Ghana rapidly dropped out of the extreme poverty rate and reached from 52.6% to 9.6%.

Peoples have done incredible jobs to decrease poverty in their countries by keeping in mind the problem-solving approaches. However, we have much further to go in our fight against poverty which may take a longer time. Moreover, the only biased thoughts in policies kill to meet the demand in ending poverty. Policies works when decision takers are highly educated and do have in-depth knowledge regarding it. It is mostly believed that the progress of the state is dependent upon decisions takers and policy makers. Additionally, fruitless and knowledge-less government only destroy the nation or state.

Pakistan needs reforms to enhance its social problems and much more. And, it may take a bit time. However, what can be done at the very initial level is analyzing the availability to basic needs is the duty of the state; these needs are to be applied is the sufficiency. Access to education, end war and conflicts, and equality may cut poverty among communities. Organizations should help rebuild livelihoods, work to find innovative and practical solutions such as distributing cash among the poorest, help in providing jobs, educate them to work online as freelancers, bloggers, and youtubers for people to end poverty. Individuals should spread awareness amid communities as they have knowledge and quick-learners. For the long-term solution, poverty reduction strategies should be taken into consideration which can eradicate extreme hunger and poverty. Without the implementation of strategies, all knowledge and work-hard would disastrously fail. So, at the same time, working on implementation processes may benefit rapidly in the reduction of poverty.

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