What are we struggling for???

(Mubashar Tanvir, Islamabad)

Staying on track without clear goals is just like floundering uselessly. All of your life goals regarding your financial or social life help you to make decisions about your career.
I believe that our life is the sum of all thoughts and beliefs we have about life. We would be able to frame every experience of our life in this thought that “Life is a struggle” only if we are taught at early stage of our life. Instead of being open we will be expecting for the bad things to happen in life and this will be self-fulfilling prophecy. In the past, the life span was longer than as of today and we think it was just because of their healthy diets and being engaged in fieldworks. Did you know it was not diet only it was the satisfaction they had from their work? A farmer works all day in the fields without even thinking of cold or hot weathers because this is the only thing, he can do to feed his family. But he enjoys his job as this is not a struggle for him this a routine, he has made for him. If you drag him out from the fields, he will feel uncomfortable do you know why? because he lives with his routine. The beauty of struggle keeps him satisfied.
Some people take it as a reward to struggle and feel a little lost without it and there other few who are just exhausted with saying, “that’s life”.
Do you believe that the thought of “life is a struggle” makes you happier? Are you ok with this?
Majority of us create unnecessary struggle and stress for us and then pass on our kids.
Up until 6 years ago, I spent my life while struggling constantly and I still do. But now, I can see the beauty and the rewards that comes to me from the art of struggle.
If you are working somewhere to earn a handsome salary so you can fulfill the needs of your family, would you bother yourself in finding out either you are satisfied with your work or not?
Definitely not, because we all know how it is difficult to find a new job in competitive market. So what are you doing then is not a struggle but a scuffle. You don’t even have the time to see the beauty of your struggle.
We all are struggling in some way and without knowing that what are we struggling for.
Just do some sort of self-evaluation and life would be much easier for you than as it is now.
How can you find the satisfaction and see the beauty that comes to you from struggle?
Let me give you some tips to find that satisfaction.
Identify the struggle: Do you think struggle is an automated response of your personality? You might be responding negatively to certain life events and you don’t even realize that. If you force yourself to do some job or to be a certain way just because of you think “that’s how life goes on”. It will never promote happiness in yourself. Forcing yourself to do some job will never let you enjoy the success and always will put you in a more stress to struggle more and get more to ease your life and it will never end. A stressful mind always reacts back to circumstances in a negative way.
Go out and look for pleasure/fun: Find the beauty in everything like singing birds, flowing waters or the winter sun. You just need to plan a day and then you need to do nothing. Just do whatever you love doing it will make you feel the beauty of the things in certain way. When you get trained in looking peaceful parts from the struggling job it will help you to enjoy struggle you doing. Even a woman can find it just in raising her child. She can enjoy the thing instead of taking it as a stressful struggle.
Be a kid in you: you need to drag out of you the kid inside and enjoy the life as it is. Laugh on the things more you do, find the fun in doing things. Ask more if you are not clear and don’t assume yourself as it will spoil your creativity and geniuses. Be a kid who knows everything and even don’t know anything. Just be yourself in doing whatever you are doing. Being kid is not like doing stupid things but enjoying your struggles and finding some beauty of your results that comes to you in return.
Evaluate your automated responses: What is the philosophy you feel in your life exist? Do you think struggle is a rewarding act or stressful?
You need to reprogram your attitudes towards different life experiences. You need to stop to blowing sails at your boat to get across the river. A struggle without knowing what it is for is just an unnecessary stress and exaggeration you are increasing more and more daily in your life.
If you are aware of your goal and you learn to live with it while seeing the beauty of the purpose for your struggle. I believe sooner or later you will be dragged by life where you want to be.
Let’s look at the people in our surrounding we inspire or can say influence or the opportunity we have to influence them. Sunday meetups, our colleagues and neighbors are all looking for us to struggle and help them rise. Watching Netflix or scrolling facebook is not a struggle that everyone do. I want you know how it is great to struggle with having a defined goal. How much a man struggles to be a doctor and spends many years of his life to achieve this goal. This beauty of his struggle always inspires him, and he works more hard and get satisfied with his small achievements coming to his way.
Let us struggle with a defined aim and being satisfied with our small achievements.

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