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(Syeda Ayesha, Karachi)

Sachal sarmast shrine

Famous Sindhi language poets who are commonly known as Haft Zaban poets because your words are available in seven languages. Sachal Sarmast was born in 1739 in a religious family in the small village of Daraza in the former state of Ranipur. His real name was Abdul Wahab but people started calling him Sachal ie truth teller. Later, seeing the flames of his poetry, he was also called Sarmast. Sachal Sarmast was born into a traditional religious family in Sindh, but in his poetry he broke with his family and the religious traditions of the time and erased the Hindu-Muslim divide in his gatherings. Among his devotees are many Hindus. Sachal Sarmast was a believer in the unity of existence in Sufism.

The lives of Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai and Sachal Sarmast are 70 years apart. Seventy years later, when Sachal came into Sufi poetry, his conscience was also unique. ۔

Sachal Sarmast lived under the Kalhora and Talpur rulers of Sindh at a time when religious extremism was on the rise. Seeing the religious hatred around him, he said in Sindhi:

Religion has spread in the country, boasting Perry has forgotten a lot.

The simple translation of which is that religions have disappointed the people in the country and bragging, Perry has put them in confusion.

Sachal Sarmast died at the age of 90 in 14 Ramadan 1242 AH. He was married but had no children. He learned basic Arabic and Persian from his uncle Murshid and father-in-law Khawaja Abdul Haq. Sachal Sarmast's speech is available in Sindhi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Seraiki. He and his preachers have a unique place in Sindh because whenever religious extremism is challenged in any gathering, it is still relied upon.

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