Menstrual hygiene awareness

(Fasiha Memon, Karachi)

Menstruation or periods talk has been a no no in our society as individuals might suspect it's against our religion and culture to talk about it. A ton of issues have been caused because of this barrier such as menstrual hygiene, women don't have the foggiest idea on how to maintain their hygiene at the times they have periods and women in many rural areas don't use legitimate products which cause genuine health issues. The young girls in the rural areas don't have any knowledge about menstruation and face a lot of problems in schools, colleges etc.

In rural areas, women don't have access to sterile items or they can't afford such products despite the fact they are vital and a great deal of times in the event that they could even manage the cost of it yet at the same time can't get them since they can't request men from their family to get them these items since discussing it is a no-no. Because of all these issues they use clothes which cause them a lot of infections because they wash those clothes and reuse them, using clothes is very uncomfortable as well because they souk very less than other sanitary products. These women in the rural areas don't even know the proper way to sterilize these clothes. Many women have different ways to tackle with this period of time, they use different methods according to availability of resources and their culture.

Practices related to menstrual hygiene are very important as they can cause serious health issues if ignored and cause lethal disease. It can cause urinary tract infections UTI, reproductive tract infections RTI and toxic shock syndrome etc.

Women in urban areas have more knowledge comparatively to the rural area women and use different sanitary products which are good for their health and wellbeing. Women in rural areas also use reusable clothes and pads as well which cause serious health hazards for them.

Men play a very important role in spreading awareness and helping women in many ways at the time of menstruation. Men is helpful because a men is a father, a sibling, a son, a spouse who could purchase these sanitary products for the women, as well as they could give money to women to purchase these important products. Our governments has a lot of man and they make policies and strategies which could also benefit women in this situation of availability and familarity of menstruation hygiene. Teachers on the other hand can also help a lot as they can educate women about safe sanitary products.

Affordability is also a major issue for women of our country because as the prices of these products is expending day by day have made existence of women exceptionally hard. The government is doing nothing to help spreading awareness about the hygiene but is surely making it worse by increasing the price tags. Government can help in this situation by reducing the prices or making these important products free, as a lot of countries have taken this initiative, or they can at least provide free sanitary pads to the women of rural areas because people there are not making that much money to afford these expensive sanitary pads. Rajastan government has introduced a scheme to provide women in rural areas sanitary pads free of cost.

Women is very important part of this country as the increasing awareness of feminism they should also increase awareness about this issue as well. We all should come out of our small pool and think about more serious and important issues.

Menstruation is a normal biological process which shouldn't be hidden as it helps women to reproduce and give birth, if we all in our societies ask for children after 2-3 months of marriage and have no shame in asking for it we should not be shame full to talk about this natural process as well. There is nothing wrong and nothing to be considered as taboo. We should all come together and help women all over the world to live safely.

There are many ways to spread awareness about it such as campaigns, advertisements, door to door selling of sanitary products, making sanitary products free of cost in rural areas. There is a light of hope for us if we all come together and talk about it. Women have a lot of questions about their body but there is no one they can ask these questions to because talking about it is a taboo in our country. Help ladies and help us fabricate a superior country for are coming age.

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