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True meaning of Feminism

Being a part of a society where rapes, harassment, abuse, assaults, gender inequality are becoming common gives us a signal to stay up to date with the news affecting women. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you are completely wrong, i feel feminism has become the most misunderstood and wrongly interpreted term by a larger section of society, there are some hypocrites in our society who on one side argue to eliminate the bad in the society and on the other side are promoting evil under the shadow of Islam. It is completely wrong when these people do march for the rights that their religion doesn’t even support. Islam has given equal rights to men and women in different aspects of life and but we all know there is a difference in both of them biologically. And due to some clashes between two genders, rather than supporting each other and respecting each other, they want to compete with each other. For me, feminism is not about competing with men or creating creepy slogans, placards, or banners to promote awful acts. I won’t say that I’m an anti-feminist but I also do not support the irrational behavior these women do on 8th march. In short, my point of view is that they should raise their voices against the issues and problems that seem logical to take an action on and should be stopped. No one cares about what you wear, what you do, how you sit and how you behave, its totally up to you because what you sow is what you reap, it’ll only cause you the damage not others but asking for it as a legal right is totally wrong especially when you are a Muslim. But if you still support such acts then you also cannot shut people up or take control over their minds to think what you want them to think because this is how the world is.

And if we talk in the context of providing equal financial rights to women, equal participation in decision making, and leadership. Then it must be something we should highlight and take an action on. Women should raise voices on the issue of not being provided all the financial, economic, political rights as men only if there is a need for it and to end all the violence and exploitation against them. By the time the way of thinking changes as we adopt new trends. Because some people who live in the 21st century but their minds are still stuck in the 90's which is why in some societies women are not provided opportunities to excel in society financially. So If you want to stand up for feminism then ask for valid rights in the accordance with the teaching of Islam and within the limits prescribed by Islam.

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