Proscription to Social Media Accounts in Modern Times

(Muhammad Naeem Shehzad, )

The twenty-first century can certainly be acknowledged as the century of mass media and revolution in social media. People belonging to all traits of life use social media to express their lives and views. The modern age has also given a rise to freedom of speech and expression but many sites and apps are working on the nasty agenda of some lobbies and impose different alleged restrictions on the users and don't let them work according to their free will.

The suspended and restricted users are provided a chance to appeal but when they appeal it is not entertained properly. Even after requesting several times, the user finds no response from the authorities.

When I appealed for unsupention the support team does not reply and leave me helpless. This sort of behavior is condemned and is tormenting in this modern time.

This is barely against the freedom of speech and expression but the users are helpless in the hands of these sick-minded people. I am personally facing such restrictions by a social site that stimulated me to write this article. I don't think it better to nominate that social site here but I will surely wish this message may get acceptance in the eyes of the owners of this site and hope a favorable action.

Secondly, I would mention that the rules and regulations should be applied as per policy without any biasing and favoritism. Hope the words may show their effect on the site owners and they may respect the freedom of speech of the users and will not make them sick of their media.


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