Severe climate change variations

(Muhammad Zeeshan, Faisalabad)

Climate change make impact several across the globe. Climate change is not something that is coming in the future, it is something that is happening right now. No more empty promises.

In California now the fires are so hot, so intense, that they create tornado effects. Portions of the Amazon rainforest are now emitting more carbon dioxide than they absorb —a troubling sign for the fight against Climate Change. Deforestation & accelerating warming trend have contributed to change in the carbon balance.
Just did a school assembly for 8-9 years old on climate change. Heartening to hear how much they already know and care, but hard to hear them say how they feel nervous, frightened, worried, scared.

We owe it to every kid to be doing much better on this than we have so far.

Two things can simultaneously be true:
1. Wildfires are a natural & often beneficial process in most terrestrial ecosystems.
2. A constellation of factors, including historic fire suppression policies & Climate Change, have led to an escalating wildfire crisis in many regions.

Around Cologne (Germany) , villages are being evacuated as rivers, dams and lakes are flooding the towns. Some areas are impassable, citizens are asked to stay upstairs in their houses.

Some penguin colonies have declined by more than 75% over 50 years!

Climate change has led to reduced sea ice and warmer oceans, which has meant less krill, the main component of the penguins' diet.

A new study suggests planting more trees could have a profound impact on rainfall – and combat increasingly dry conditions brought on by climate change.

It is unmasking accumulated risk & ecological imbalances brought about by over a century of "fire deficit" in the West. That's not universally true in every ecosystem, but interventions discussed here would go a long way toward addressing broader wildfire crisis. The globe just had the 5th warmest June, which dates back to 1880. Warmest June on record for North America. It was 45th consecutive June and 438th consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th-century average.

World Predicting the impacts of Climate Change on human health is a complex undertaking—but coordinated health impact modelling offers a powerful approach to navigating an uncertain climate future. The Arctic’s “last ice area” – a critical refuge for Arctic Wildlife may be more vulnerable to Climate Change than people have assumed.

Extreme melting occurred last summer, with sea ice levels falling to a record low. Biodiversity decline and Climate Change will cost the world at least £368 billion a year.
On Government's desire to be 'world-leading' - it could choose to be the first to embed the latest pledge for nature into its legislation.

This is crucial

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