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The First Information report (FIR) is first hand information which is collected by police. The police is duty bond to investigate the crime and prompt visit at place of incident where crime has committed. There are two types of registration of complaints which is essential by police to investigate i.e, complaints cases and challan (FIR cases). Police is bond to submit challan before the magistrate and when enquiry of physical remand has completed. The Police has submitted challen in the court of magistrate to request to start trial proceeding. The copy of the charge sheet should provide to accused within seven days after framing of charge. The charge sheet should read before the accused. Hence, the police has bound to thoroughly investigate the crime and finds real culprits who have done the offence. Normally, the theft, robbery and dacoit have some difference but I cannot discuss in this topic.


Normally, the zero FIR has been registered where complainant has out of station. For example you have not in your residence and doing some official or private business in outside your city. Suddenly you have listen the news of theft that someone has stolen your bike, jewelry, cash amount from your village or residence. Now you should register your complaint where you are temporary settle or visit the nearest police station. The police is bound to register any complaint which they have received and endorse FIR number with zero. It will save you from time barred. It will not use anyone else to destroy your dignity and solidarity. The cross FIR has not been registered in any manner. This FIR will help you to create your case on original strength. However, the exceptional circumstances are always there.
FIR under section 154 CR.PC

The First information Report has been registered u/s 154 code of criminal procedure. The FIR should register as soon as possible in cognizable and non-cognizable offences. In Non cognizable offences police has not arrested any person without the prior approval of the magistrate. Whereas cognizable offences police has arrested criminal without warrant or find real culprit. No, one adopt delaying tactics to registration of FIR. No one should register fake FIR because perjury is also a crime. Reliable and solid justifications in FIR would make to strong your case otherwise any additional comments or adverse revenge is also using against yourself in court proceeding. It will create bad impact upon your entire case. You should avoid miscarriage of justice. You should come in court with clean hands. If police does not register your case you should file application before magistrate u/s 22 & 22A Cr.pc for registration of FIR. The magistrate is giving appropriate order for police to registration of complaints or first information report.

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