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There are many causes of rising violent extremism in the society – the major three reasons are appended below: -
i) Injustice and Poverty
ii) Lack of Education - Electronic and Print Media
iii) Feeble Economy
Injustice & Poverty: To consider only own benefit by avoiding the interest of others, comes under the definition / purview of injustice. Further, injustice means avoiding of justice or absence of justice. Poverty is “Having No Purchasing Power or Below the average purchasing power”. The poverty is an integral part of injustice – where injustice exists poverty must exist. The Society cannot be flourished if there is prevailing injustice / poverty in each and every segment of society. Killings and street crimes are observed generally in this kind of society. Culprits have become fearless as there is no writ of the Government in the matter of justice. The phrase “might is right” is absolutely true in the society where no justice is carried out. Due to lack of justice “the Banana Republic System” is established in the country where courts and judgments of the court have become submissive; on the other hand, the unlawful practice, culprits and criminals are assertive. The injustice and poverty, not only bring moral destruction and deviation, but also put severe immoral problems in the society, consequently the society is collapsing in the long run. It is established fact that the Government of unbelievers can run smoothly, but the State where injustice and poverty prevail cannot run in any circumstances. The injustice and poverty are also causes of extremism in the society.

The extremists take undue advantages in the unjust society – they take fearful revenge against their opponents and not allow them to live peacefully. They build State within the State and run their affairs according to their will and unlawful wishes. If one lives according to his wish and will, he, all in all deviates the instructions of Allah and His prophet and becomes the cause of violent extremism in the Society. There is no respect of law and humanity – cruelty is common. All people, especially ladies and children remain always in vulnerable in the society where injustice & poverty prevail. In unjust society, the faultless people are punished by way of might and right on the other hand the criminals are free or set free. The law is frozen by way of might and wealth as well as nepotism. Undue favoritism is a curse for the society as the society cannot be flourished if undue favoritism exists. It is established fact that a country where injustice and poverty prevail long lasting, is eliminated from the map of the world. The injustice and poverty bring the following major drawbacks in a Society: -

a) Wealth is accumulated in a few hands of the society that creates deeply economy unevenness & disabilities Moreover, in the long run killings, lootings and criminal activities have become common in the society.
b) The country becomes so weak resultantly, the foreign invaders attack as and when they wish.
c) Institutions become weak and individuals turn out to be powerful, consequently value is given to individuals instead of institutions and law.
d) Dishonesty is witnessed prevailing in the society and hands of honest people are tied up.
e) The Society has come in the position of stagnant and deviation is begun in all walks of life – social values are neglected, on the other hand social devalues are adopted.
f) The Society becomes revengeful due to non-compliance of the orders of the court. Further, on account of lack of justice and poverty, people take the law into their hands by way of killing the Robbers on the spot.
g) The lack of injustice adversely affects the health of individuals as they are unable to meet their health requirements. It also violates the fundamental rights of human beings.
h) All know that justice forms the foundation of a civilized society, if there is no justice in the society, then laws are treated prejudicially leads to conflicts.
i) Injustice & poverty in the long run fetch blood revolution and civil unrest also bring Racism, Fascism, Nepotism and Pessimism.
j) Injustice & Poverty brings selfishness, corruption, cruelty and brutality.

Lack of Education - Electronic and Print Media: The 2nd major reason for the rise in violent extremism in the Society is lack of Education. Education is a basic tool to mitigate poverty. Comprehension is a God-gifted blessing and it can be refurbished by way of Education and Guidance. It must be understood that civilization is an integral part of education, if there is no Education there is no civilization. Education is known for mental, physical and moral training, if in a Society there is no mental, physical and moral training, criminal activities are on the increase trend, resultantly the physical, moral and mental tributes are destructed by leading to extremism.

Lack of Education leads human beings to the unrighteous path and pull them towards the valleys of darkness on account of this they become helpful for rise in violent extremism in the Society. An educationist saying is that “the purpose of education is not to provide a treasure of information, but its aim is to grow the abilities of mankind”. It is established fact that education is the source of strength and growth of human thinking, resultantly uneducated society brings extremist activities in the Society. Lack of Education brings ignorance of God and His Messengers as well as His guidance and instructions, ignorance of Heavenly Books, ignorance of value of Service and value of justice that leads mankind to darkness. Lack of Education makes man Slave of his desires and wishes – he becomes unable to think positively and rationally owing to that he turns out to be a curse for the Society.

Due to Lack of Education, one is unable to have learning and comprehension about the mortal life by way of immortal values and tributes. The real success in both worlds can only be achieved by way of clearheaded and believe in un-seen facts through faith and weight because the main purpose of education is to recognize God of the Universe, believe in him and Doomsday as well as follow His teachings. Lack of Education implies lack of essence on account of this, the service-oriented approaches are disappeared instead selfishness is penetrated in them that leads to extremism and crimes.

Lack of Education also implies lack of SWOT. The knowledge of SWOT i.e., Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats play an important role in building up the society and boosting up skills and tranquility - without knowledge of SWOT social progress cannot be achieved. Also, Education helps for its seekers to adopt sobriety so that they should remain far from violent extremism in order to create an enabling environment in the society. It leads human beings to the virtuous route having pulled them out of the deviation ways of darkness. It is witnessed that in the Society, where the literacy rate (education) is more than 90% crimes are much less and reported only off and on.

Electronic and Print Media: Today Electronic and Print Media is also a cause for rise in violent extremism in the Society by way of unwanted and excited breaking news as well as baseless talk-shows. Unnecessary breaking news, false reports and unsound talk shows create differences and conflicts amongst the masses that in the long run are causing a rise in violent extremism.

Feeble Economy: The state of a country where the country is counted in terms of production / consumption of Goods and Services is known as Economy. If a country’s economy is well and sound till a considerable period, equity is maintained in the distribution of wealth also supply and demand is in equilibrium position, the people of this country are satisfied and no rise in violent extremism in the Society is witnessed. Crimes flourish if basic needs such as food, shelter and employment are not provided by the State to the masses of a country. Weak Economy invites the ill-forces to implement their sinful agenda by way of using the starved people. In this way it is stated that economic growth reduces the rate of crimes and extremism activities. It is witnessed that if Economy of a country is much unsound and feeble, the people of the country live below the poverty line, resultantly they are forced to make crimes in order to feed themselves and their dependents.

From the above discussion, it is proved that Injustice and Poverty, Lack of Education, unsound breaking news and talk shows and Feeble Economy are four major reasons for rise in violent extremism in the society. The violent extremism can be controlled or reduced by way of restoration of optimum level of justice, by way of reducing illiteracy rate, by way of expanding sound and true breaking news and talk shows and by way of making sound and true Economy where equity in distribution of wealth must be restored. Implementation of these measures may help to understand the rights and obligations, also these remedial measures may provide rational brains by way of removing the emotional brain, because the rational brain teaches not only skills, but also sympathy and empathy.

In a nutshell violent extremism in a Society can be mitigated if justice is restored, poverty may be reduced and masses may be educated up to the optimum level as well as Economy may be strong by way of equality in the distribution of wealth and equality in other aspects of the Society. Further, in order to address the rise in violent extremism in the Society, Electronic and Print Media must be kept under watch dog strategy as freedom of speech is not the freedom of boundaries and violations.

Syed Manazir-ul-Haq
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