A Girl in a new town

(Safia.Akhlaq, Karachi)

It was a fine morning, the sun initially tried to sneak out but as the time passed clouds took over all the sky. A young enthusiastic lady was walking in hurry towards the hospital, to follow the same routine clinic , consultation and stuff.She sighed with a relief when the clock struck 1600, as its her time to go back home.

On way back , it was drizzling, she faced up towards the sky and felt the rain drops on her face .She captivated in the moment for a while, she inhaled deeply to absorb the fragrance of air .She smiled and went into a coffee shop .she grabbed the cup cake and a cup of coffee and sit at window seat to enjoy the pouring, of course, with a hot latte coffee and the creamy cup cake .

While she making most of the weather ,her mind flashed back in to the time when she had stepped in, on the airport of this foreign land ,she was shy ,little uncomfortable with new faces ,new places and new culture. She always had been a strong- minded lady, hence, she soon shrugged off this fear of unknown and had started exploring the new horizons of life.

She smiled slightly on view of the spider,who was tring to climb the wall but pouring didn't seem to allow it, this view made her return to bakery from the memory lane . She took the last sip of coffee and had a glance at spider while stepping out of the bakery ,she smiled again and whispered , you will make it!!

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