Violence against women

(Mohsin Raza, Sargodha)

Domestic violence, issues of rape cases, forced marriages and honor killings of women are the major social evils that demolish the Pakistani society in this present era which could only be eradicated through providing proper education , equal opportunities and by ensuring their safety at state as well as domestic level. Victim blaming culture of our country is consolidating such type of violent factors. According to 2017 - 18 Pakistan demographic and health survey , 28 percent of women aged 15 to 49 had experienced intimate partner violence in their life time. Sometimes such ravishing behavior shown by the partners over tiny points like victim has not cooked food in time or she has increased or decreased the quantity of salt during cooking. Morever, family of her husband demands a male baby from her which is the greatest example of ignorance , for the fulfillment of such a foolish demand women faces bundle of issues. She became mentally ill and tortured by this patriarchal society. Recently, a women got her head injured by hamer a nail in to her head by the foolish quack for the sake of gaining male baby. Europe had been facing such type of cases since dark ages and now they are progressing by removing such humiliation factors from their society . In Pakistan women have been suffering through haterdness, and injustice since long time to uptill now which is disastrous for our society. According to UK's forced marriage unit Pakistan ,with 439 cases ranked the highest among the top four focus countries in 2017 followed by Bangladesh, Somalia and India. The consequences of thse marriages are facing by females in the form of murder , divorce , and many pshcological and physical troubles. Furthermore,Honour killings in Pakistan are known locally as karo-kari . Pakistan has the highest number of documented and estimated honour killings per capita of any country in the world; about one-fifth of the world's honour killings are committed in Pakistan (1,000 out of the 5,000 per year total). Our society has covered with the veil of wickedness. This dark aspect of our society could only be enlightened by educating our society, especially our women. Government of Pakistan should enhance number of education institutions and awareness about society's values through proper education system and it should also ensure the maximum presence of students in the school.There is dire need of such measures in tribal areas , where the rate of forced marriages, domestic violence and abusing of law is high. Moreover, as we know that, the population of Pakistan consists up of 49 percent of total population and no of searts for women in parliament are only 60 seats as compared to men wich are nearly 275 . Here gender discrimination is clear at state level. We should fill this vacuum by promoting democratic values and provide equal representation to the women in parliament . So, their representation could be prominent at government level and there issues could be addressed easily . By practicing these measures in our society , we can empower our women and can enlighten our nation's future. If we don't educate our youth and awareness about these values this evil will enhance like a fire in jungle and will demolish our nation's future.

Mohsin Raza
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